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Friday, June 19, 2015

Wow! New things are happening in 2015!

Hello world! Away from the online journal here at Timeless Rhythms Studio, I have been growing my life in different directions for some time now! For example, over the last 3+ years, I finally intersected my evolution between traditional fine art making with digital mobile technology! In doing so, we've realize an AWESOME touring app for local art collections that is NOT a point-and-go-find app-tivity. Publicly launched and toured to lucky visitors in 2012, it is so much more! Since then, my moves to grow the project community and funding support are going more slowly, yet tenaciously- for I never give up on the smart and savvy! So stay tuned; in fact, jump on-board as a funder/supporter! Just leave a contact on this post. Meanwhile., if you know any conscious culture-builders, send them and their desires to fund what is innovative, of nourishment for the greater good over lifetimes, and a tool that changes public participation in public life p o s i t i v e l y! Send them to this post! :) As well, I am continuing to develop a fledgling interest in old-fashioned (did I just say that?!), cultural research on historic female artists. Not published yet- not even close! And again, not giving up because things that take time and point us toward beauty in life, can require our lives to leave a substantive mark. So just stay in touch, and ket me know that you are! :) Finally, I discovered a very fair, web-based resource for artists to sell their work online, in ways that commodify some works that the artist chooses, at prices that the artist sets and DOES experience getting paid regularly, (when we make our own sales). There are tons of choices about selling choice details and lots of other information that is not only streamlined, it is also transparent. Your own URL is priced at an annual rate that even a struggling artist's budget can manage. It is called Fine Art Anerica- you can google it yourself if you are interested, AND you can click on THIS link to go to my website, and buy one of my beautiful artful totes, after you've played around to your heart's content with image sizing, background color choices, and compositional layout- to make your own unique tote design. Be sure to share my artful totes with everyone you know! Send them as gifts, and share the web link! Ok! For now, that brings you up to date- I hope to see you around my Timeless Rhythms Studio online journal!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Corvallis Arts Walk-TONIGHT!

Everyone in Corvallis and the Mid-Willamette Valley:
Turn out for the FIRST (in a longtime)- artwalk TONIGHT!
Find out more details by clicking the link below, about who is participating in the local art and restaurant settings, for times and about other goodies!
EVERYONE of all ages and social demographics- families welcome- come on out for a fun evening, no matter the weather 
 — in Corvallis, OR.


Friday, July 25, 2014

My Indiegogo Campaign has launched!

We've gone live! Please consider this your invitation to find my Indiegogo Campaign in order to help me buy my first home! The campaign is located here: Thank-you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Crowdfunding campaign to buy my house.

I invite you all to check out a preview of my Indiegogo Campaign.

You can give me feedback about what questions you have, what is needed, and/or what is missing: 


I am an artist deep in the middle of a big community service art project where I live, to help make our local permanent art collection accessible to more people and wider audiences.

To keep working with my project partners, I have an opportunity to buy my house, or I must move by September 1st, and that will mean not have any housing anymore. That's because there is a funding gap for the community art project right at this juncture, which means principally, I am currently working with no pay.

So I am reaching out to you, asking for your support to help me buy my house, so I can keep going forward on valuable work to realize what those of us who are in it know- that a smart phone tool that promises to be an enjoyable encounter with our local art resources is going to be available in the next year, and on the outside, maybe two.

To help you help me buy my house, I created a generous contribution spectrum on Indiegogo, for all budget considerations. In it, I included the valuable dontation option for those who can help spread-the-word, even if contributing money is not possible.

Let me know your feedback by posting comments below this post, and keep checking back back for details and updates.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

“Iconic Views at OSU” Series, #1: Participates in OSU student exhibit, while fundraising in support of student project

The first annual juried student art exhibit at Oregon State University's- new Beth Ray Academic Success Center, will host a reception on the 4th Friday- January 24th, from 4 to 6 pm. By participating as student, professional artist and arts advocate in this first annual art show, my work in a new series called, “Iconic Views at OSU”, kicks off two more exhibitions for this series. These consecutive exhibits will happen spring 2014 in another OSU campus location, and again later in the year in the Corvallis community. By participating in this juried show at the Beth Ray Academic Success Center, the “Iconic Views at OSU” art image series goals are- to advocate on behalf of the benefits of re-integrating the arts back into our educational experiences, first by asking the viewer to take the time to look at the work. As an original art work it serves to both raise awareness about looking, and to raise funds in support of my student project called, the ARt project. the ARt project is a new arts access prototype mobile application tool with a content model that engagingly furthers evidence-based observation skills, as we all seek to participate effectively in our expanding monitor-centered reality. You can “Find” the ARt project, “Like” the ARt project, and follow the ARt project's 2014 fund raising developments and exhibition participation, on Facebook, by clicking on this link: ARt project- Accessing culture, connecting community. You can also find the new BRC next door to the new OSU Bookstore- both are located just north of the CH2M Alumni Center. This exhibit will hang until June; and meanwhile I look forward to seeing you there on the 24th!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Integrating Kindness and Compassion for The New Year 2014

"Integration made visible is kindness and compassion," says Mindsight, well-being, UCLA Psychiatrist- Dr. Dan Siegle. May the New Year be filled with healthy integration for us all! Taking a life review and recap perspective in this post, I write about what " visible- even manifest kindness and compassion," means for me, now: Releasing a long deserved, Ahhhhhh... I pause to articulate, mine is- after decades of building and building real integration of my own conscious intellectual life; what I know within without plaguing self-doubt; of building comprehensive benefit from the hard work to reach better whole-self acceptance; a consciously lived spiritual life, joyfully if more privately- coupled to a gifted creative life; is a life far more integrated with my on-going dreams for a successfully realized material life; a balance whole life eventually integrated with a truly supportive love life at loooong last- as I still believe this to be soooo much nicer! Yesterday, the next moment of mature insight was freely and beautifully stated by my daughter in a phone call we shared together, very located in the present. For me, it was a parting of the waves experience, a deep drink from the well- experience. She is in her mid-twenties now, and I am so grateful for the qualities of development coming to the fore by her choices, as she lives her own independently successful life. I worked full-tilt during those full-time, single parenting years- all 23 of them. Covering the waterfront of developmental well-being, to raise my child as benefitting from all the supports I valued and tirelessly continued putting together, in myriad ways. I worked full-tilt during those full-time, single parenting years: defining-as-I-lived into the intense, non-stop therapy work: a working scaffold-on-the-run of personal well-being, for the first time in my own life. Necessarily independent of all family ties, and all past social ties to that point, in the land of the free and the brave- I continue even today, figuring out how to make my career and living as an artist of international cultural upbringing- influences. Free from inherited, and through hard work- avoidable, non-preferential chaos. I wear a medal of honor I gave myself one Mother's Day years ago, to mark these everyday truths of my life. From the moment of conception, my child and I continue to have a deep, growing, special bond. It does contrast very well, the reality of having been raised with two younger sibs, by intense mental illness, not ever diagnosed until I was in my thirties, with a daughter of my own daughter and in Kindergarten. By then, I personally had a basket-full of years of the therapy work belonging to this person-in-denial to do, under my own belt. If I can even begin to touch with words, any accurate written description- what integration might look like, after doing the best one can from the getgo to navigate the growing up 24/7 terrifying hell about my only living, high-functioning, terrifyingly (high IQ-low self-esteem), nevertheless extremely intelligent- parent. I cannot emphasize this reality of navigating the mind field of a parent in denial and avoidance, while projecting and attaching- because they are among many things, a mentally ill, high-functioning and terrifying intellect. If you've no exposure to denied egregious mental illness in your parent, there is not enough emphasis that can be made. The residue hardest to shed is, I have ALWAYS felt very guarded about many things, centrally about revealing, or knowing the equally complex truth of revealing any of these personal, historical details- in order to be seen, heard and/or valued individually. A gift I continue my own on-going maturity growth/integration of compassion and kindness, to give myself, first. Yet dear reader, even though what I share are very intimately scaled insights- imposed isolation from the social world outside must be equally, compassionately abated. We all suffer greatly in America, from shame, and a narrowness of normalcy conditioning. And even as there is now a reasonable, clinical diagnosis- this multi-decade, geographically distanced individual, still lives in denial of their truth- and always will. Shame costs us everything. On this uphill, growth-into-conscious-life journey, I have only very recently in the past two years, more fully integrated a very hard acceptance of this truth about social shame's costs and my parent's fears reflecting a lifetime of wrong-thinking choices, though I never give up on the soul trapped inside the storm. It means, continuously integrating the evolutionary reality of a biological relation in this life who is unpredictable at every moment, while continuously untangling less, and working more integrative-ly, with all the internal challenges tied to this being. The one you've always needed to be loved by to grow up well, no matter the distance- but have had to intuitively choose from a very, very young age, to (initially secretly) decide to literally escape, in order to save your own life. Someone whose job it was to care for and protect you, whom you've always only loved, yet who, (I've) had to work very hard, again initially with help, to learn- has never been safe enough to let that far in to your psychic/emotional life. Reflective of the years of work to untangle, clarify, heal more and the gains made and earned integrating kindness and compassion- to now navigating in order to mutually establish more healthy, non-familial integration (i.e., meaningful, substantive friendships)- can be awkward, hard work trusting others. So I begin again, chopping wood and carrying water. See? (*This is truly a simply profound inquiry.) For anyone close enough to believe they see me, art really does save lives. In the past two years of post-Bacc studies, to finally integrate meaningful academic accomplishments into a valuable whole, in support of my being able to work confidently from this self-realized platform to be reasonably competitive in the marketplace: I have good footing now in a finely integrative opportunity, called, the ARt project. An integration of passions regarding access and courage, I've managed to build from an original vision of my own in collaboration with many talented others at the local university. As the project enters the scary (to me) phase of budget writing, grant proposal development, personal worth analysis, proposal pitching, presenting and marketing- as I prepare to leave this wombish period of my self-made life, I take another step in shedding large burdens met- of separation, in my easing carefully into the flowing river of life. May I continue swimming well as an individual soul of The Divine, as a blessedly conscious, caring parent, and as working/selling artist, who is also becoming a start-up founder- with greater mastery found in the grace of compassion and kindness. *Below, the image is of a painting I created- with quite the true story of living integrity flowing through how it came into being.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the ARt project- what is it?

For the past 18 months I have been given the great, great opportunity to work on a student project of my own vision, while pursuing my post-Bacc degree at the local university! The project is a result of recognizing that mobile app technology contains so much possibility to make the beauty and wonder in this world so much more accessible for so many more people. With this basic recognition and a lifetime of experiences in the arts, I hit on a combination of thoughts and discoveries that combined to light up my mind and inner vision to see the holistic possibilites of a new tool. Without going into too many other details, at this stage the project has enjoyed a proof-of-concept public launch at a local science and arts festival_ as of last year. As student-project director, I have also presented the prototype project to academic peer review at a regional digital technology in education conference, also last year. Now, as initial and generous university support funding to realize this stage of the project, and much more- winds down, I am building my first public funding campaign in support of the project. the ARt project has currently entered second-stage refinements in the university Engineering capstone group for the next 12 months. This means it is very important to fund what comes next! To do this, I will be learning by doing, how to apply for grants, search for private funders and play with crowd funding! To mark the launch of this brand new funding campaign project- I share the essential portion of an email that arrived in my inbox just yesterday, with this message: