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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Thursdays for newcomer and ungalleried artists

I have spent a little time since arriving in Portland with some of the painters who regularly keep booths at the Saturday Market. What I have learned from them respectively, is that First Thursday in The Pearl is a good place for artists without gallery representation to show and sell original works, and actually make money.Hence, I am throwing my hat in that ring this coming Thursday since it is the first one of August.
Traditional employment is not panning out with any efficiency, and so my efforts to be a cross-over or cultural hybrid income production-wise are stuck in the inertia of social goo.
Maybe returning somewhat to my true calling out in the marketplace will, if not meet the requirements of the universal life force, attract the support of guardian angels at least...
In Corvallis, I have been blessed for nineteen years to have the benefits of a relationship with a very special matron to my art work_ at ninety-seven, her name is still Hope. Perhaps Portland will be so benevolent. Perhaps a few of my dreams of a community that is seeking my work will begin to come toward what I do, in this bigger pond. To be sure, I am the newbie here, and still dusted with the inner idealism that is most easily preserved in small town life, particularly over thirty years.
As always, there is also the opportunity to be that patron, and pledge a guardian angel's support to my fiscal sponsorship account! Thanks for your continuing or developing vigilance concerning your own educational exposure to art appreciation, and proactive collecting, and for your continued support for all the arts that enliven your quality of life in healthy, and meaningful ways!

Just Another Girl from the Neighborhood, oil

Friday, July 13, 2007


We have been in our first semi-permanent home for almost two weeks. More tomorrow!
It is July 18th, and adjustments indeed to city life take some doing_ the job search goes on. I wish I had the wherewithal to back up enough to be able to see the big picture right now.

Ce Chignon, après Eva Gonzales, graphite