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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two-year Job Search Comes to an End!

I am elated to finally post that after a grueling two-year job search, I am finally rejoining the ranks of the employed, as a Project Coordinator for an Alternative Wellness Center in my area!

This is a brief post because I am still jumping up and down for sheer joy!

Enjoy the photos from part of my week-end celebration during the local festival in my community. Rain or shine, everyone came out to play!

For anyone continuing to experience the long job search, do not give up, and keep at it unequivocally, no matter what! This IS what I had to do and did.

Nobody can abandon you, if first you don't abandon yourself.
Nobody can betray you, if you don't first betray yourself.
Nobody can despise you, if you don't despise yourself first.
Nobody can hurt you, if you don't hurt first yourself.
Nobody can truly be in love with you, if you aren't first in love with yourself.

Blessings and actively share your joy, because the world is full of people who need what we each uniquely have to share with one another!