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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Preparation sketches and warm-up developments continue...

Another preparation sketch of a very special dog, for a very special painting. I will be adding more to the background of this drawing of the loyal dog.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am seeking collaboration on this project

Remember that moment during the first week of 911, when the entire country felt vulnerable at the same time? How open and desirous of confirmation we all were to the point that no boundaries existed for a brief moment!

In response, I began drawing during that first week in order to try to process the impact of devastating trauma as consciously as possible. In my mind and my heart, I knew instinctively the moment the lapel banners came out, the US was headed in the wrong direction. That powerful visual gesture occurred very shortly after the question: "Why do 'they' hate us?" got spread through the media like a virus.

Art has a profoundly powerful effect on all human life whether one is conscious of its impact or not. Understanding this responsibility to the extent that I do, I long ago accepted my part as an artist to do my best to contribute to the wellbeing of all life. I participate in that contribution through my art and other modalities of inter-personal work. I intend my work to plant opportunities for each human being's capacity for unfettered courage to grow. It's largely a mystery how this happens vibrationally, and I am but one alchemist with creative hands, head and heart.

At the time that quote and those little American Flags were spreading through the news and on people's lapels, I felt in my own guts that we needed to be saying something more uniting in the world about what this country was experiencing as a country. Because like being an artist, this country also has real responsibilities to well being out in the whole world. I have been struggling visually with what that message needs to more clearly be, ever since. From the beginning, I have felt this idea and its intention really couldn't be finished by one person alone.

Therefore, let it be known that if there is anyone with the graphics skills out there who will have the confidence to respond, and who may be interested in collaborating with me to see if we can finish this, I am looking for your contact. Just leave a comment here on the blog, and I will get back to you toute de suite!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

color studies in 3 stages

Finding my sea legs as it were. This study of the work of Emily Carr is also part of my path back to the habit and confidence that come with building skills over time.
In the last four of my full time, single parenting years, I interrupted this habit of studio work for my daughter.
Now, in my gift of a first painting commission, I experience the rediscovery of my own way back to the drawing board!

Thank-you for your patience S. G!

Friday, February 1, 2008

art nature musings

A task I set for myself; studying colors from nature. More to learn from this...