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Friday, November 21, 2008

A warm invitation to women the world over


Today, I have posted a new link to my blog. It is an invitation for you to join me on Skype, in a world-wide chat on Women in the World.
This forum is not limited in topics that we women might want to discuss, and to help open this broad door of possibilities, I am framing it as sacred space; of mutual respect and safety for women the world over, in order to come together and talk about what is on our minds.
For example: can we end war world-wide now: city-by-city, country-by-country until we have abolished war all over this planet? That's a big topic! Do we feel worthy to take this one on?
How about something a little more manageable like, how do we feel about ourselves out in the world of work? Competitive? With whom? Why? Is this a choice we are freely making? Does it fit? Do we want this idea dominating or framing the way work is pursued or accomplished in the world?
Since I am an artist hosting this chat, I invite women in the arts to come forward with the areas that are important to you. What is it like to be a woman artist out in the world in the 21st century? Do you find adequate support to develop your work? If so, what does that look and feel like? If not, how would that support look and feel for you?
Join me there won't you?! Scroll down on the right until you discover the link for yourself. I invite you warmly for this world-wide chat on all topics, between us girls.

Hint: look for this image on the chat link, as you scroll down!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My daughter is turning twenty-one today!

This is some classy kid, having her twenty-first birthday in Florence Italy today! I wish I were there.
Happy Birthday My Love! Your my angel! I am very proud of you.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rough Transition to Transformation

My life is so incredibly blessed right now because I am recognizing that more deeply everyday!
In the most ordinary of ways, I am having one transforming experience after the other. It is hard to articulate much more than that tonight as this past week has been one of major accomplishment through hard physical work_ in the most ordinary of ways. I am tired, well deservingly.

What is different is that I am showing up with no preconceptions, or rules, or conditions in my head for how things have to be ahead of time. In my experiences with circumstances as they are occurring, I am not chewing on reactions in my mind, until I have chewed them flat.

I am solidly skilled and I am negotiating with life with success in small, significant ways!

This is my path as I am building it now, moving away from the interior life to a life transitioning back out into the material world and the world of relationships with other adults. This is what I bring to the table of the world after many years of family history healing, working with personal insight and cultivating a conscious relationship to silence; to the eternal stillness that dwells within. I bring that mountain solid sense of self that Thich Naht Hahn teaches on so much in the work of Loving Kindness.

Life! I came back to express my eternal love for life, in all of her inexorable ecstasy! I dedicate the remainder of my life in humble ways at the beginning, moving into guiding and teaching others, what I know and understand in order to empower the voices of impact. Those female lives marked by addiction, abandonment and the violence in those whose job it was to protect us a long time ago. Through self-expression, yoga-centered somatic psychology and alternative nutrition, I dedicate my life to guiding and teaching others to heal themselves, standing up to violence and saying, "NO. This must end now."

It is a humble statement of intention. Fuzzy in the beginning, yet in time and experience, my students will also be my teachers