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Monday, February 1, 2010

Beating the Recession Blues with a little jazz at my RENT PARTY and YOU are invited!

I invite you to join me in some stylish survival reverie!! As my job search endeavors continue in the face of this daunting recession, I am throwing a Rent Party, the roots of which I discovered many years ago!! Since it went over went quite well at that time, in a whole whoosh of last minute spontaneity, making the rent in a sigh of relief and a lot of gratitude, I want to throw open the doors online to some afternoon socializing! With the caveat that your visit here will add some cash to the pot upon arriving! 'Course some folks, at the first Rent Party or "skiffle" years ago, enjoyed themselves first and then, wrote generous checks upon leaving! Wow! It was such a fantastic interaction of mutual support that I am enthusiastic to again re-create what seems to be a great way to spend a special afternoon with you, your favorite food, and a little offering of some great jazz music! Heck, invite your family and friends and make it a whole party right where you are!! Just don't forget to hit the paypal button below!

In afore said resilient manner, I have posted some jazz music via Pandora, featuring the one and only Duke the-man Ellington, the Count Basie and maestro Art Tatum, plus a ridiculous number of other equally talented names in classical jazz & musical history_ who will just show up on each station, for your dancing/listening pleasure!
The longer you stay, dance and listen to the music with that glass of whatever you like to drink best (to your health!!)_ check below the music to find the paypal button I have set up to make it easy to contribute to my RENT PARTY online, and do donate as generously as you can! Remember it's for a good cause; helping one more person keep their own roof over, in this case, my own head, while I continue searching for work! Stay tuned to my blog for updates on this progress too!

Feel free to leave a comment here if you have any employment to offer, as my skills base is broad! I would love a chance to telecommute in a paid entry-level illustration &/or graphic design intern assignment, for example! Here is my LinkedIn connection. On it I have posted my ideal employment goals, plus my work history background; don't hesitate to talk to me about what skills you may be seeking. Employment-wise, let's network and see how we can get connected!! If a RENT PARTY is good enough for Steely Dan...!

And THANK-YOU very, very much for your support here today!!! Enjoy my Rent Party and please donate via the paypal button below!

As an additional treat to the RENT PARTY, I have created an incentive for donors, to own this painting as the highest bidder, in helping me to achieve the RENT PARTY's informal fund-raising goals! This is in conjunction to the main event I will be hosting here at my house, on the 21st of THIS month! Sunday after next, from 3 to 7pm! Bring a pen, some extra cash, a willingness to socialize, network and share a little healthy mirth in the face of challenges. (*Please note that bids start at $200 on the painting!)
It is February, so spread the love and donate today, as often and as much you can and own this painting, entitled: "Vous Etes Né Comme Vous Etes; Un Esprit Beau!"

* It seems one might need to reference: "Timeless Rhythms Studio" when filling in the donate info after clicking the button! **This is my first time to use paypal for anything (!) so, please share your input if you are experienced and see anything that needs attention. Just leave a comment on the blog, and let me know how you like my RENT PARTY_ thanks!

* If there is only a big blue rectangle (below) with a spinning gear in the center of it, just hit the refresh button on your computer and then give the blue rectangle a few patient seconds_ the music menu will then magically appear!