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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home for the Holidays?

Since making money is the first priority of any self-respecting human being, without adequate support outside of one's self, I have taken on a temporary job for the holiday season. At first offer, it appeared to promise to pay relatively decently, and at a rate I could accept for the time being. The hours also appeared to be something worth doing, but they don't quite seem to be stacking up. At first I thought this might be pretty nice really, yet now I think is it in reality?
Since, I also have a slim shelter resource where my housing needs are concerned, I would very much like to be able to save my earnings for the time-being. Will this be a first in many, many years, or is it not going to make even the barest cut?
For now, the goals stated in the last two posts may be on hold because current employment represents another turn that will require imagination, to correlate it to the goal of employment in the curatorial world of art.
It is too much on my shoulders alone, being thrown from one off-beat, distracting frustration to the next. I sure wish I had a reasonable network of friends and acquaintances.

So far, this all is adding up to the ludicrous. Even so, I must keep on... plug, plug, plug.

The Artist, created in Adobe Illustrator, 2006