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Monday, October 13, 2008


The folks back home are looking at me!! I started a new job with folks who are all over the country and I can't believe the numbers that are comin' in from the deep South! Dang! Hey ya'll!! It's only been since 1979, shoot! Just yesterday, huh?!

Really the new job I have is online, and I think it is going to be the bomb! So, one step forward surely, surely. That is how I am traveling to my home, still; healing is happening within where I am needing it right now.
Also, my daughter is overseas in the home of the Renaissance, studying music. She and I are peeking through the door of possibility that I will come over for Christmas to be with her even for a few days, and then fly back together!

My treatment of this blog is becoming more and more personal in tone, as I traverse these steps in transition, ever as the artist! I know myself becoming more connected to the larger human family now. See! There is love in the world, if you know where to find it!

For example, it's a full moon tonight! Where have you sat and allowed the effulgent moon to whisper in your heart? These are among the important things to do in one's life. I bid you many nights howling at the moon, consciously.

Namasté_ wildly!