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Saturday, June 16, 2007

We did it!

From my observations, since our arrival in the big town/city of Portland, OR_ it would seem as though we may have found handsomely adequate housing in record time reflective of one's status on the economic ladder. More will be shared in the next two weeks, as we begin the larger transition to our new home... thanks for everyone's interest. The journey opens a new chapter!

après Suzanne Valadon, prisma colour

Friday, June 8, 2007

First week out & we return to our former home town for appointments...

The end of the first week, and how I am wanting life to say yes to me! It helps to see people who wish the best for us, and have shown up as new friends right as we are leaving home. All in life is a process... of waking up and letting go.
My anxiety is up, and so are my desires to provide well for us both. How will this transition actually pan out with just over half the initial capitol gone? Not possessing a personal history of social spontaneity or networking at this point, all my panic responses about the great unknown are on alert!
I feel like I am learning the hard way about the sheer magnitude of finding reasonably affordable housing in an inflated metro environment. Easy to see that choices would be greatly helped to enter the game from a much more reasonable personal sense of financial resource in the process of looking.
Why most people acquiesce to paying four-digit figures only in throw-away RENT is crazy! Then the vainly competitive application process saturated with fees giving sheer strangers access to one's personal information as a matter of course _ in "applying" for a much more complicated rental environment is equally unfathomable to the common sense of this country mouse! Is it really a wonder there is identity theft?!
The great illusion of America is her attachments to money... that it is too bad most of her "free" citizens do not more consciously comprehend the basic ideas behind defining a medium of exchange... yet philosophizing right now about the hard facts of finding a suitable dwelling place before the roar of the current machine of big-city housing, may be that which is only drowned out. The realities of finding housing are what they are, and yet talking about it helps to empower, and embolden the spirits of this tiny country mouse in the beginning steps of a new (old) process!!

Summer solstice will be here before we know it in this (modern) crazy world!

L'orgie du printemps, oil

Next time_ gratitude for a wonderful daughter! Gratitude for my own strong sense of self as expressing healthy empowerment!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First full twenty-four hours in Portland!

After almost twenty-four hours in the big city, for a couple of country mice, I may be making the big compromise and swallowing all pride to share a room in a house rented by a bunch of Reedies for a month! Not bad kids_ just kids! A house full of them_ for the summer!
Living with twenty-somethings again as a fifty-something is not my favorite thing to do anymore, but saving my pennies is more important right now. In our brief time in the city, the feedback we are consistently getting from the young people is that (at basically the same income/resources bracket), if one has some personal standards about housing given Portland's relative housing competitiveness, it seems to be averaging a couple of months finding something that doesn't nickel and dime you to death just "qualifying" for a rental!

The potential in these looming potential experiences brings up issues from the distant past that are truly reflective in those figures who occupy that distant land... sigh-h-h. To them I say that building a successful female life against the grain has its relentlessly tedious hills and valleys! In my moments of personal vulnerability I must voice_ that perhaps these facts are to the enjoyment of those too afraid to confront the status quo and live a life of change. Yet, as I am taking one step at a time_ I will one day financially get to that place my own experiences and awareness will define by doing_ what successful means are for this independent artist, and full-time single feminist mom_ female person!!
Those not wanting to share in the toils today are part of my current pain and inconvenience, and will not be invited to the celebration when my moment comes_ as they want it.

First Steps, acrylic

Saturday, June 2, 2007

First post on the road!!

I am on the road and we are officially out of our home as of yesterday! A new chapter in the great adventure that began before we left.
I woke today thinking about vulnerability_ if only more people would spend time in self-reflection_ there are GREAT things there to discover about self!!
This is a short entry to keep you posted on my moorings shift and what that brings... the images accompanying my posts will continue to be recycled_ that's a good thing in the world of the artist_ like self reflection, there is a lot to discover!!

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