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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First full twenty-four hours in Portland!

After almost twenty-four hours in the big city, for a couple of country mice, I may be making the big compromise and swallowing all pride to share a room in a house rented by a bunch of Reedies for a month! Not bad kids_ just kids! A house full of them_ for the summer!
Living with twenty-somethings again as a fifty-something is not my favorite thing to do anymore, but saving my pennies is more important right now. In our brief time in the city, the feedback we are consistently getting from the young people is that (at basically the same income/resources bracket), if one has some personal standards about housing given Portland's relative housing competitiveness, it seems to be averaging a couple of months finding something that doesn't nickel and dime you to death just "qualifying" for a rental!

The potential in these looming potential experiences brings up issues from the distant past that are truly reflective in those figures who occupy that distant land... sigh-h-h. To them I say that building a successful female life against the grain has its relentlessly tedious hills and valleys! In my moments of personal vulnerability I must voice_ that perhaps these facts are to the enjoyment of those too afraid to confront the status quo and live a life of change. Yet, as I am taking one step at a time_ I will one day financially get to that place my own experiences and awareness will define by doing_ what successful means are for this independent artist, and full-time single feminist mom_ female person!!
Those not wanting to share in the toils today are part of my current pain and inconvenience, and will not be invited to the celebration when my moment comes_ as they want it.

First Steps, acrylic

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