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Friday, June 11, 2010

I am a new EI!

Today, I am posting a small joy being celebrated in this world! At the same time it's really big, when one zooms into focus what joy can represent in one's life on so many levels, and in particular, in no small way!!!
It is a BIG JOY because it does in part, reflect lifelong perseverance of hand-building a dream from my childhood: to be an artist in this world. A dream inside one person, to openly help share and spread truth, beauty and freedom on the soul level, in the creative voice, through creative expression and now, as an Exhibition Interpreter!

This joy came in the mail yesterday by letter, to tell me that I have been accepted into a fairly prestigious program at a local art museum!! Acceptance into 12-months of in-depth training for this important and valuable position. Important and valuable, for the service I can embody in a more public role and certainly, in an additional professional capacity at long last to share my desires, that others know how many ways there are to recognize the value of fine art in one's own world. I am ecstatic to show the art, guide the perception-building abilities of other people, and simultaneously educate how, any person can begin to build a relationship with greater personal depth, to one's capacity for conscious recognition of what value art has in one's own life and world. A depth of recognition no matter what age a person is! From very young to wise and life-experienced, art does hold great value on so many levels, that actively reinforces the quality of our personal and collective lives, in our communities and our nation.
Finally, this news is an invaluable joy to me today, for the long-term benefit a position of this nature has for a hand-built career such as mine, a career that means life to me in so many ways.

I am very proud of this opportunity and of myself, as it has taken almost everything to arrive at a moment such as this. Celebrate with me, small and large joys of personal achievement and accomplishment that are everywhere in this world today! Joys easy to recognize and celebrate if you know where to look_ you will find them!