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Monday, August 18, 2008

New Life Experiences

For a few years now, I have been looking at my life and all its possibilities as brand new all over again. This view only seems to be increasing with every new development in it as I recognize myself as more often alert and attentive! I can see more clearly in how many ways I am truly blessed then; to have retreated from society for so long in order to turn significant areas in my life around for the better, healthier_ more functionally balanced! The work is paying off naturally! It is to have more youth; a new view on all of life and myself_ to be new at entering the world-at-large with life experience!
Daily it seems, I consciously notice there are gifts that cross my path in many forms and expression(s); invitations to wake up more deeply and see through fresh perspectives what is possible within and outside my sense of self.
As the artist in life, I am trusting my way through this portion of the life-painting metaphorically_ tapping inner vision to see what details may work best in every peaceful step from here and beyond the healing life-path I have crafted for myself and my daughter, in a small Pacific Northwest town.
She has launched really well, yet I am in a rough crossing now and yet, allies, new friends are showing up almost daily saying directly to me, "Here, take my hand_ we can help each other."

For these experiences and awarenesses, I am deeply grateful.

Please hold the visualization with me, of my becoming very well employed, most especially in the face of all seeming economic odds. My ultimate goal is healing work in this world: the artist with life.

*I will also add an image to this post when I am accessing a more user-friendly computer!

Eh voila! Here it is:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Thing Is...

Your support can help right at this juncture, in my immediate efforts to secure housing again for myself. A safe place from which to continue my renewed job search back in my "hometown." I have returned here for as long as it takes to get my feet back under me and to not get overwhelmed in any other transitions out there in the future. I even believe that I can get myself to Italy for Christmas to visit my daughter as she finishes her semester abroad!

Contact me about your interests in my art work; the works posted here that are for sale (ask me about what catches your eye), or my muralettes offerings, the details of which can be found here!

Remember, I am NOT homeless! I am an intelligent, talented woman in a rough transition right now. So, I ask that you very simply help this hardworking individual toward her own successes, and be part of my new presence in the world! Thank-you for all your support.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Ginger Path Back

I seem to be making steps back from the abyss of homelessness; a hard lesson in beginning to own other neglected facets of my own personal power. I am not 100% back on my feet as that is going to take time, yet simultaneously amazing acts of kindness and generosity keep showing up each time I renew my commitment to this developing stage of conscious attention to my own life. One example, includes a stay in the rural-side to doggy-sit my commission portrait subject, "Rufus." Yes, I have painted and made more progress on his portrait! I will upload photos of this stage in the painting when I can get a camera to do so. Meanwhile, you can get to know my newest art business by going here.
Always resourceful in my thinking and responses no matter what chaos appears to threaten to tear up my life.
I will add that I am ready to face my needs for engaged, meaningful, healthy friendships, and indeed online this past year, I have experienced some of that development. Thank-you!
I have traveled a long way on my own for way long enough now. Some of this history reflects flat-out wrong choices I made in earnestness and naïveté. I can say that I am more than ready to change this now as well. Stay tuned. Make contact. Do let me hear from you, won't you? I am ready to have great conversations on the consequences of running away from generalized perceptions about social prejudices such as homelessness. What does that mean: "homelessness" and running away?
But I have received another gift: I am not a homeless person. I am a capable, intelligent and talented woman going through a very hard transition right now.