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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Please Excuse the New Image-Slider Construction!

While there are two images popping up in the once beautiful image-slider that seems a distant memory now! I am smack in the middle of getting a new and much improved image-slider in place, at the top of my art blog!

It uses jquery, css and javascript so, I am feeling quite accomplished having followed the insert instructions well enough, to get the device smoothly onto my art blog here. Just not smooth enough to migrate my own images into it yet! So, it's important to keep in mind, I am the traditional visual artist with some technical ability_ not the programmer. Programming is its own art form and an area that I respect and would love to have the talent working with me on the ARt project in fact! But this is another post.

Meanwhile, this state of improvements-in-progress for my new image-slider, is temporary! So please excuse the mess, and I appreciate your patience as I learn and grow in all skills needed to accomplish the task(s) at hand!

* No, the two photographs up there popping up near the header are not my art works.

*The artwork just above here in this post, is project-driven. Exercises to open my thinking up about map design inside the ARt project. So they are not particularly strong examples of my visual style in art making. Yet as I say, this is material for another post!

Keep checking back!