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Monday, May 21, 2007

Selling Fine Art in a small American town

What is that process? For me, it has been an on-again-off-again relationship. As a working artist, I definitely have a reputation. I consider it the big fish in a small pond syndrome. What is now grasped at in the marketing world, and rearranged in whatever way highlights a person's best assets. Sure there are lots of things I am able to say about my own artistic development and personal vigilance over the years of being a citizen of this small pastoral locale, and... there is equal criticism about what isn't supported that is not all lacking in constructive merit.
However at this exact moment, because the sale was hoisted to achieve a certain financial goal_ that of funding a moving deadline that is financially out of my control at this time_ my hands, head, heart, and soul are all overwhelmed with the pressures we face as a hardworking family. There is no let up to the level work I have put in on the intrinsic level of developing a human life from very compromised beginnings, to graduation that meets reality where it is... in all that values quality of human life, there could just be reasonable transition right here, right now. I would just like unstressed sleep, healthy nourishment, some time of deep inner cleaning out of soul and body, and the appearance of renewing friendships that embody healthy relational skills, that could help facilitate with this huge moment of change and transition...

How did the sale go? Stay tuned...

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Study after T. Hart Benton,
Prisma color on archival paper

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Artist's Sale

Why do some women turn to art to interact with life?
Are women artists still ignored?
What about their families, if they have them?
How accessible is a healthy marriage, or other healthy relationships in general for women artists in the modern era?
Is material success in their work, and as relational beings also generally possible for women artists?
Can contemporary women artists continue to develop from their/our experiences and gain what is worth passing on to the future of women in the arts?
How does being female continue to affect the ways our art is received or not?
How do our duties as wives and/or mothers continue to affect our abilities to produce our individual creative work?
Are there now any great art movements that our works forge, define, shadow?

Unfortunately, my daughter's purchase of a modest digital camera this past winter did not make it home from her school year, intact_ alas, I am not at present able to post photos of my art sale-in-progress!
I will ask that a borrowed camera "appear." Stay tuned!

My Funny Valentine, oil

***(Remember all images that are available are listed in detail under the heading: "Details of Available Posted Artwork" on right of blog page.)***

Monday, May 7, 2007

Unique Opportunity for Serious Collectors to Advance Fine Arts Collection of Local Painter's Works: Artist's Estate Sale - May 18th, 19th, 20th

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