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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Invoking Virginia Woolf

Stay tuned...

Ce Chignon, après Eva Gonzalès
Une image centrale de ma recherche sur
un artiste impressioniste féminin

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A general and urgent call for help

When I was a little girl, one thing I was known for saying was: "when I grow up I am going to leave and find my real family!"
Many years later, after the years of therapy during my own single-parenting years, I have come to the hard realization that what I was trying to be heard to articulate in a child's way of knowing the truth, was that the absence of love inside that family of origin was not normal! That as a child, I was so impacted by the chaotic reality of that primary world that there were no other choices for me to be safe, but to eventually leave. What I did know was that love existed out in the world because I could feel it, so, in a child's way of knowing, I would just leave when the time came to find this love with others who would want me.
I now sadly understand that the there in fact exists in the world, many different expressions that are jaded perspectives on love... that more families come from a lack of whole, healthy love than not, and that chief among this state of world-wide sadness is the negatingly limiting view that: " well, we just get on with our lives anyway."
Without going into the complexity these views represent right here and right now, let us consider this door ajar to be returned to, at another time during this coming next twelve months after I can get my household moved, and can begin my studio work on the painting/ research series that now has earned fiscal sponsorship. (scroll down to "Timeless Rhythms")

This is my call: I need (outright personal) financial help today plain and simple in order to make this move. Yet, the details surrounding the urgency of my need for us, vacillates between the concrete and the abstract, and yet this is a wholly realistic frame of reference taken in context. I have initiated on many fronts over a period of a few years a unique transition from the chosen social isolation when my path into therapy, and new parenthood path began in 1987.
In 2004, as I prepared to turn fifty I initiated, planned, and found the support of my mentor of five years, the creation of a 'return to community' ritual to celebrate this benchmark birthday on many levels. Once I realized this was something that I wanted for this time in my life_ I gave myself to weeks of listening and following inner visions that guided how this ceremony would manifest and express itself.
My vision, her ceremonial guidance and intonement as my witnessing elder-mentor, guided my preparations for such a healing celebratory approach to this life-milestone.

I found inspiration in the work of Karla McLaren, "Emotional Intelligence," and the words of Carol Lee Flinders, "at the root of this longing, reconciling a spiritual hunger and a feminist thirst."
In Karla's work is a blueprint body of wisdom compiled by her training in psychology and study of African culture, in combination with her own healing from a marked experience with childhood trauma. She has made the brilliant connection that in a primitive culture's transparent practice of stealing a young person from all that is familiar to them, lovingly taking them into the natural world to enter their own vision quest for a defined period of time, and then ritualistically returning them to all that was once familiar but is now different as it is they who have changed and are returned to family and community as a young adult, we as modern displaced persons who all share at some point more primitive origins, can look for creatively intelligent ways of healing in our journeys here in this life. Karla McLaren's work reasons wisely that in primitive culture are our own roots for recognizing what is lost to us creatures of a 'removed' modern society. Briefly, and yet specific to my own history, I continue to learn the value of healing this non-ritualized practice in Western culture; that of traumatically stealing a young person's life away through sexual trauma, and then never returning them... could in fact, in my mother's name, as an impacted young child of her traumatized legacy of being stolen away from all that was familiar and was supposed to have protected her_ I could definitely choose to return myself as part of this life healing path I am on. My mother's own experiences of never being returned even to this day, my own many years of wandering lost after the knowing I had to leave if I were ever to find my real family of love, to reaching out and making my own connection to resources in order to do the hard healing work, I approached turning fifty with a sense of recognition for the gift in this milestone birthday. That to act on this knowing would be deeply empowering in the ritualized returning myself to an inner, and eventually, an external sense of community. Briefly, as a result of fasting and sitting with visions over a precursory period of time, I ultimately enacted a series of ceremonies both private and public over a four-day period with words, music, food and celebration that culminated in my fiftieth birthday party! The impact inside me has been powerful!
And yet it has been surreal socially-speaking in the town where I have lived beginning in 1979, since this ceremonial celebration. I have come to believe that I am truly one of the many of those who is pioneering living this path of a consciously healing life. There are no joiners from the community to my circle at this time even two years later. I admit that having a simultaneous desire to leave plays a roll in not attracting people to me, but mine has always been a personal desire to leave. As this has been the place of my healing work, and a place I can be from, where there have been thirty years of opportunities to bear witness with me. Few have shown up, but they are the keepers, wherever I may go from here!
Since my "return to community" birthday, even as my daughter and I have gotten her off to a good college which is now coming to a good conclusion at the end of her first year, I am facing a deadline to get our life moved from our home of seven and a half years, by June 1st. Without the monetary resources to do anything but sit and wait to be victimized by circumstances is unacceptable. In general, this referential description sums up the adult relational context around my life of the past twenty years.
More concretely today, I am looking for a transitional amount of $18,000.00 or greater to move out by June 1st. Then, look around for a home base in a metro environment_ I currently have two cities intuitively in mind. Get settled in and either continue looking for work, or have the good fortune at last to follow an application/ interview process to one or both of these locations. That would definitely influence my decision to move to (a) particular area because I have found the "day job," and believe I could be relatively happy there. My success work-wise is also a strategic factor as is my daughter's relative comfort with a new home-base for her emerging adult life.
Over the past twenty years, I have worked very hard at keeping our home-base as reasonably stable as possible even as this has been very difficult and challenging. This practice of consistency is one measure of how I have gotten on with my life for us both thus far on many levels.
Please contact me here. I know that you are out there. Consider that your support is also an investment in what your life is also worth_ that an investment or contribution to support my need to move and relocate to a job market environment now, is also a psychological and emotional investment in your own willingness to be well, and to live in a world that is well around each of us.
Perhaps taking this detail of my personal life out into the world this way, is also part of my path... that in doing so, I can learn directly that there really are people who care about me, and would want me at least functioning well in my own life. Able to continue contributing to what healing work can be and look like in the world, to the best of my abilities as an artist and an individual who is another healing pioneer, and as a single mom thus far.
Healing work, IS life-long work. I know no other better way to live my life.

Thank-you for hearing my request for a dignified sense of loving support, to transition our life into the working world for me, and a new home-base for us both. Time is of the essence, so it is with hope and trust that you can see yourself as available to show up for my request for reasonable financial assistance today. Blessed be!

The face of a dignified female artist in her chosen life career

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fiscal Sponsorship!

The following is a project description as it appears on the website: fracturedatlas.org
As I have recently earned an artist's true resource that is a tax incentive sponsorship! This resource is legally sanctioned under the umbrella of this arts and artist advocacy organization...

(Following the description are instructions concerning the steps
you can follow in order to contribute to my project. Thank-you!)

Timeless Rhythms

My painting processes represent on-going studies in visual communication that utilize a variety of traditional media. At this point in a fifteen-year painting career, my approach is now primarily concerned with understanding historical, family-centered female empowerment and inner well being, through focusing visual attention on the body. These current studies draw from a personally evolving investment as developed through body-intelligence awareness. An investment, quite naturally influenced by a life in the dance, a life of meeting the challenges of single-parenthood, to a life of discoveries for the brilliance that is yoga, and a life recently side-swiped by the leading edges of somatic psychology. Through this body intelligence-focused project, the paintings speak about a very interested life-path continuing to visually explore the now historical risks of inheriting that which most think is to be avoided personally, psychologically and emotionally, over the course of a lifetime. My paintings speak to what is more truthful, that this avoiding phenomena, simply reflects a common and painful truth that many do not know HOW to look. How to look straight at what is an all too commonly inherited pain.
This painting series attempts to point to a very practical set of considerations that are centered in skillful personal tenderness, that (also begins to) say this incredibly common pain inheritance, CAN also be healed.

l'étude après Suzanne Valadon

***(Remember all images that are available are listed in detail under the heading: "Details of Available Posted Artwork" on right of blog page.)***

There are two websites of note that will increasingly be pertinent to this painting series project: http://ducorps.blogspot.com
and: http://kerriebwrye.blogspot.com (X= you are HERE!)

I will be working out the first draft of this painting series beginning this summer_ a draft that I see taking shape through research, studio, and body work over the course of a twelve-month period. I will work from live models, and will travel to conduct some aspects of my research.
This statement will be subject to numerous revisions as the process takes on greater clarity in production.

Instructions for finding my project online:

... See my official project at Fractured Atlas, an arts and artist advocacy organization doing great work nation-wide! They are based in New York City.
... Next locate the “Fiscal Sponsorship” link on the menu at the top of the page.
... Scrolling over the link, click on the “Sponsored Artists Profile” link on the drop down menu.
... Then notice the ALPHABETS at the top of that page, and click on the “T” for “Timeless Rhythms.”
As many artists have been granted fiscal sponsorship status, the “Ti...” listings will be near the very bottom of the page, meaning scroll JUST ABOUT all the way down the page to find my project description, under: “Timeless Rhythms!”
... At the bottom of the description will be a link titled: “Make a donation in behalf of Timeless Rhythms.”
... Follow the directions from there, and contact me here, with any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance for your support.

Please note: that as I figure out the long packet of sponsorship information, I will post more pertinent details to sponsoring my project here also, so that interested viewers can follow the links to drop their coins into my account. If you are an artist reading this, contact Fractured Atlas on the web, and become a member. The annual membership costs have the artist’s budget in mind, and happy resource discoveries!

Friday, April 6, 2007

A Work-In-Progress

I am the artist, and I am writing today to say that I am leaving the blogging world for awhile to return to my studio(s), at the same time that I am building a business.
Whether funders to support my dreams out in the world, show up when those resources are needed, one moves forward with one's own life-vision regardless.
Human consciousness is still in its infancy... people of all stripes must be convinced first that something or someone is a sure thing, or a safe bet. Here is where you have been invited to get acquainted with my soul, and yet_ on that level of universality, the habit of clinging to surety first, reveals so much about the lack of conscious development around true personal power. This habit pattern is rampant in the world. Here in living one's own life, is where one truly finds heaven. Here is paradise_ as I am saying, that reality is about conscious awareness in THIS life, not the next. Not a one is here to remain stuck in fear or ignorance.

I am a creative builder of my own life. It is a story or a living example of hope and inspiration, for my tools built over fifty-two years, come out of my own belief in self. There has been no other adult, and no money in twenty years, yet I did come from means before choosing the long road of social and (thus) material consequences. Consequences that have contributed to, and compounded financial and social poverty. Is this blame? Even experiencing the social version of that, there is no blame from me... Accountability, yes.
I am an honestly spoken, and direct person. Want more historical context for this development? Imagine the urgent immediacy of poverty with a child, and a beloved and devoted dog. Now, include consciousness from before birth, that has always been oriented to a deeply internal yearning for truth in the center of these conditions, and marry them to an instinctive search for the clarity of healthy love out in the world. Stir in isolation with said child, and dog, create art, go to therapy groups, passionately cook organic food from scratch for pleasure, and nutritional health. Add bouts of homelessness while maintaining the same personal standards with child, and dog in shelter systems... dog sometimes in the car, keep up a car, vigilantly deal with exposure to lice, three different times.
Well, you can begin to get the picture. Over-whelming? You bet. Ever give up? Not an option. Low moments? Like Bonnie Raitt in essence said, "even the strong get sad, lonely, and in need of a friend."
What I have described is just a momentary flashback of some instances in the early years_ 'cause there was also home schooling, earning my own four-year degree... but those are details for paintings, and another round of true life-stories on other journaling occasions.
Today, I am putting into context here in my journal, that I am taking some time for myself, to focus as I said on building a business centered in my art making and in the health modalities needed to live well. This building process will involve finding a day job, (keep all shame, insecurity, defense about the nature, and definition of work to yourself. Consciously WORK on that, then we can talk.), as I was saying_ covering the day-to-day, reestablishing home base in the very near future, producing creative and healing work again in two different sorts of studio environments, establishing a new community rapport from each of those studio disciplines, for volunteerism and remuneration, when I figure out where that new socio-economic/ geographic setting is going to be. Finding other similarly-disciplined artists, and cultivating a social circle. Here's my ideal social circle: a group of about twelve people who do all kinds of things with healthy passion_ who share one of them as a close-knit group_ the passion of healthy, organic cooking! Yeah, I know, don't limit yourself. Healthy and organic is the focus.
So, a circle of twelve people bound by their similar passions for cooking well_ who regularly cook together. Sharing food! Love, not necessarily sexually, with each other, just love, family, life, and all the grey areas in between, where those lives intersect always over the preparation of good food, together. Is this a description for friends? Is that a real question here? Trust yourself.

So, in the middle of dreaming, envisioning, writing it all out_ the point (for the third time) is that I am leaving the blog/post maintenance for perhaps the summer while I establish, and situate myself in the next chapter of my adult life. This summer, is my passage to a more adult-centered life-experience for a change... and never separate from my familial ties and responsibilities.
You drop me a line now, for a change. Tell us all what you have liked about my blog. Explore it's linked resources in depth. I invite you to write here, what you think, what you each feel? How you have responded to this blog in particular? To my art work? In essence, journal here yourself while I am gone_ that will be exciting to return to.

Only two ground rules in this space: (1)_ clear and vigilant self-respect, while always speaking your truth on any subject important to you, and (2)_ DO so (self-respectfully), without attachment or aversion. Am I repeating myself?!


Sensuous Calla Lily, acrylic on paperboard

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Artist's Creed

I believe I am worth the time it takes to create
whatever I feel called to create.

I believe that my work is worthy of its own space,
which is worthy of the name sacred.

I believe that, when I enter this space, I have the right
to work in silence, uninterrupted, for as long as I choose.

I believe that the moment I open myself to the gifts of the Muse,
I open myself to the Source of All Creation
and become One with the Mother of life itself.

I believe that my work is joyful, useful, and constantly changing,
flowing through me like a river with no beginning, and no end.

I believe that what I am called to do
will make itself known when I have made myself ready.

I believe that time I spend creating my art
is as precious as time spent giving to others.

I believe that what truly matters in the making of art is
not what the final piece looks like or sounds like, (or tastes like)
not what it is worth, but what newness gets added to the
universe in the process of the piece itself becoming.

I believe that I am not alone in my attempts to create,
and that once I begin the work, settle into the strangeness,
the images will take shape, the form find life, and the spirit take flight.

I believe that as the Muse gives to me,
so does she deserve from me:
faith, mindfulness, and enduring commitment.

from Winter Series, oil on paper

***(Remember all images that are available are listed in detail under the heading: "Details of Available Posted Artwork" on right of blog page.)***

Monday, April 2, 2007

Credo 1- Human intention

Be the naked word.
Be here in the world
with sacred passion
with sacred wildness.

Be the wild naked moment
unthought, in all her innocence.

The audacity
The unabashed daring
to say I am.

Be the wildness
that runs in the woods
in the moonlight.
Be the wetness opening, the idealistic nakedness
welcoming the lover.
Be the kiss, the caress,
the murmered word,
the tasted touch.

The tongue,
the word, the naked self,
the breath and pulse
of passion.

Be the passion.
Be the tongue of flame,
taste the fires
of inspiration.
Hold the burning seed
on your silent tongue.

Taste and be.

L'orgie du printemps, oil on board