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Monday, April 16, 2007

Fiscal Sponsorship!

The following is a project description as it appears on the website: fracturedatlas.org
As I have recently earned an artist's true resource that is a tax incentive sponsorship! This resource is legally sanctioned under the umbrella of this arts and artist advocacy organization...

(Following the description are instructions concerning the steps
you can follow in order to contribute to my project. Thank-you!)

Timeless Rhythms

My painting processes represent on-going studies in visual communication that utilize a variety of traditional media. At this point in a fifteen-year painting career, my approach is now primarily concerned with understanding historical, family-centered female empowerment and inner well being, through focusing visual attention on the body. These current studies draw from a personally evolving investment as developed through body-intelligence awareness. An investment, quite naturally influenced by a life in the dance, a life of meeting the challenges of single-parenthood, to a life of discoveries for the brilliance that is yoga, and a life recently side-swiped by the leading edges of somatic psychology. Through this body intelligence-focused project, the paintings speak about a very interested life-path continuing to visually explore the now historical risks of inheriting that which most think is to be avoided personally, psychologically and emotionally, over the course of a lifetime. My paintings speak to what is more truthful, that this avoiding phenomena, simply reflects a common and painful truth that many do not know HOW to look. How to look straight at what is an all too commonly inherited pain.
This painting series attempts to point to a very practical set of considerations that are centered in skillful personal tenderness, that (also begins to) say this incredibly common pain inheritance, CAN also be healed.

l'étude après Suzanne Valadon

***(Remember all images that are available are listed in detail under the heading: "Details of Available Posted Artwork" on right of blog page.)***

There are two websites of note that will increasingly be pertinent to this painting series project: http://ducorps.blogspot.com
and: http://kerriebwrye.blogspot.com (X= you are HERE!)

I will be working out the first draft of this painting series beginning this summer_ a draft that I see taking shape through research, studio, and body work over the course of a twelve-month period. I will work from live models, and will travel to conduct some aspects of my research.
This statement will be subject to numerous revisions as the process takes on greater clarity in production.

Instructions for finding my project online:

... See my official project at Fractured Atlas, an arts and artist advocacy organization doing great work nation-wide! They are based in New York City.
... Next locate the “Fiscal Sponsorship” link on the menu at the top of the page.
... Scrolling over the link, click on the “Sponsored Artists Profile” link on the drop down menu.
... Then notice the ALPHABETS at the top of that page, and click on the “T” for “Timeless Rhythms.”
As many artists have been granted fiscal sponsorship status, the “Ti...” listings will be near the very bottom of the page, meaning scroll JUST ABOUT all the way down the page to find my project description, under: “Timeless Rhythms!”
... At the bottom of the description will be a link titled: “Make a donation in behalf of Timeless Rhythms.”
... Follow the directions from there, and contact me here, with any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance for your support.

Please note: that as I figure out the long packet of sponsorship information, I will post more pertinent details to sponsoring my project here also, so that interested viewers can follow the links to drop their coins into my account. If you are an artist reading this, contact Fractured Atlas on the web, and become a member. The annual membership costs have the artist’s budget in mind, and happy resource discoveries!


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Thought I'd stop by and see what's up here. You might want to know that your Fractured Atlas links are broken--they're only partial links. Easy enough to fix.

Keep up the great work!

une femme artiste said...

Thanks Alyson! I have re-linked the live phrases. I think it is all working the way they oughta!

alyson b. stanfield said...

Thanks, Kerrie!

Okay if I feature your work in the ArtBiz newsletter one of these days?


une femme artiste said...

Hi Alyson,

Of course_ it would be a privilege to have my art work featured in the newsletter.