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Monday, September 3, 2012

Glimpses on the Path: Self-esteem & Self-efficacy

Gifts of self-esteem, including: self-value, self-worth, self-respect and then very importantly, self-efficacy_ all came to reveal their messages for my birthday this year. September 1st was a day of sitting quietly and reading about this newfound orientation to greater inner well-being, all day long. September 2nd was a day of actual celebration.                                                                
Combined with reading a certain poem on self-empowering, female identity confirmation-building, beginning within, for the past few months_ as increasing bouts of insecure collaboration, transformed into months of inner anxiety, popping out in periodic struggle on the ARt project... I awoke today noticing that my own lifelong responses to women artists, their work and online professional presentations, were all glowing in my field of attention! 

For the past week and 3 days I have been at home & around town on a two-week stay/ vacation. I am enjoying having no schedule, sleeping, and slowly putting my house back in order after 7 months of intense achievement to reach one of the big goals of my post bacc studies. I have yet to internally celebrate what I have, with the expertise of talented others, recently & wildly successfully launched: a prototype project that combines ar technology with a portion of the Percent for Art Collection on the local university campus, at this time. Celebrating myself as competent and capable, gifted, intelligent & talented, is a must do for my own well-being that is not quite waiting in stasis anymore, as I more consciously redefine historical attachments, toward more positive internally fed acknowledgments, because I now understanding better why they never came earlier in life in ways that were apporopriately nourishing then. More than just the celebratory hoorah, I am truly on a journey of learning to become my own mentor in my life and professional development moments such as this.

Anticipating the new academic year beginning in a few short weeks, I know that I do want finish my 2nd bachelors degree in French this coming new school year; I also want to master writing skills well enough to have the choice to publish my research on E. Vigée Le Brun; I want the opportunity the ARt project affords as a custom internship at the end of the school year, summer 2013. 

I am saying this all out loud because to consciously develop my inner guidance, grounded in the above renewing encounters with authentic self-worth, impressions & vision description of solid self-esteem/self-efficacy_ is where I need to feel lots of (inner focus) support to be consistent, clear & on track. 

If I didn't say this enough, let me repeat myself:

I want all the intrinsic qualities of self-esteem & self-efficacy needed within to navigate very well; to be grounded in inner strength and clarity of conviction; to assert myself where needed in academia this coming year to reach these goals successfully indeed. All without making anyone else a target of historical insecurity habits. 

In fact, working in a much more supportive academic environment is appropriate to reinforcing taking care of needs, as I do become successful in reaching goals this coming year.

*I have finally posted an accompanying image. Enjoy!