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Monday, November 26, 2007

E. Dan Barker, artist

E. Dan Barker, the first person to ever walk up to me at a gallery, and in an 'auw shucks'- manner said, "I really like your artwork." E-Dan, as he is known to his friends, is participating in a unique one-week exhibit in Portland, OR, beginning on December 9th, and running until Dec 16th. There will be an opening reception AND a closing reception on the two dates mentioned above. The Mark Woolley Wonder Gallery hosts the exhibition space, for this one week display of the Springdale Art Network, of which E-Dan is part of it all! The unique MWWG's exhibition space is located at 128 NE Russell St., in PDX. Apparently a new curator named Jeremy Tucker, is responsible for this exhibition, as is Chris Tymoshuk _ and as the curator, Jeremy embodies a motivating story of his own beginnings in the art world... more interesting details to follow.

The emerging art collecting class of the Pacific Northwest are WELL advised to take notice of E-Dan's work. His paintings are SO relevant that it is intriguing, no one group of art collectors has begun widely collecting from his expansive oeuvre in the over thirty-five years that he has been painting! Ironically, this is because an artist is "so of his time, that he is ahead of his time..."

E-Dan Barker, will be showing his most recent direction of abstract workings. Paintings that are filled with powerfully thought-out approaches to the influences left to us by the great modern-era predecessors; work that is rife with social commentary! If thinking is what you shy away from, don't look at this powerful painter's messages. You will will not walk away from this outspoken visual conversation without some on ya!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


32 NW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209 | Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm | info@portlandart.org | 503.236.3322

PAC is excited to be in the Willamette Week’s Give!Guide 2007. This is a Holiday fundraiser that expires on December 31st! The Give!Guide facilitates year-end giving to a cross-section of Portland area non-profit organizations. We have been doing very well during this challenging time but we still need your help.

This is an opportunity where every donation large or small makes a huge difference. Willamette Week gives you great goodies for any donation $25 or more so tell your friends. The organization that receives the most donations is awarded an additional $1000, help PAC be that organization!

For a $25 donation you get: a booklet of Tri-Met tickets; a card good at SmartPark locations downtown; a coupon entitling the bearer to a free cup of Stumptown French press coffee; a voucher for free samples at Kiehl’s; and discount cards at Cinema 21, Powell’s, Music Millennium, Mio Gelato, River City Bikes, Dragontree Spa, and Flexcar.

The race starts tomorrow! Pass this along to friends and family. Help build the momentum! This is a fun and easy way to get involved. All you have to do is click the link below, follow the instructions and sit back and know you made a difference.

Join The Fun!

Thank you Willamette Week and to all of those who have recently made donations and become members. We sincerely appreciate your support.

To donate or for more information about the Give!Guide go to: www.wweek.com/giveguide.

PAC is a gallery and resource center for the contemporary visual arts. We showcase new art that pushes the boundaries of both form and content from local and national artists at all stages of their careers. PAC’s mission is to facilitate a dialogue between contemporary visual art and the community. As a hub for the arts, PAC is a vibrant element in the literal and cultural center of Portland with up to six exhibitions monthly. As an emerging institution, PAC bridges the gap between the commercial galleries and the Portland Art Museum with its unique and dynamic programming.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Artists all, bring your funding issues forth and rally in support around your community art center


32 NW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209 | Wednesday - Sunday 12-6pm | info@portlandart.org | 503.236.3322

Dear Friend of PAC,

Portland Art Center has reached a critical point in its fiscal abilities. At this juncture, the organization has exceeded in programing and community resources, yet financial support has not kept pace with the growth and successes of PAC.
In the short term, we need to raise $40,000 by January 1st, and at PAC
we feel a responsibility to our community to be transparent concerning this current situation.
In our efforts to overcome this real obstacle in time, we are presently in negotiations with potential donors who may help PAC through what we are committed to as a momentary challenge. At the heart of these negotiations, is our strong plan for implementing fiscal stability for PAC in 2008 and well into the future.
The current exhibition fund raiser, "PDX Panels," scheduled for December will continue as planned in our commitment to PAC's ability to overcome what we firmly believe is only a brief barrier in the continued success and longevity of growth and development of your community art center.

In the urgency of this situation, please feel free to contact us with contributions as soon as possible, all inquiries concerning the challenge of the day, and your helpful input on implementing long-term development programming for the fiscal robustness of the future of PAC.

Professionally yours,

The staff, PAC Board, and Volunteers

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Remember First Thursday is tonight, 11/01/07!