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Monday, November 26, 2007

E. Dan Barker, artist

E. Dan Barker, the first person to ever walk up to me at a gallery, and in an 'auw shucks'- manner said, "I really like your artwork." E-Dan, as he is known to his friends, is participating in a unique one-week exhibit in Portland, OR, beginning on December 9th, and running until Dec 16th. There will be an opening reception AND a closing reception on the two dates mentioned above. The Mark Woolley Wonder Gallery hosts the exhibition space, for this one week display of the Springdale Art Network, of which E-Dan is part of it all! The unique MWWG's exhibition space is located at 128 NE Russell St., in PDX. Apparently a new curator named Jeremy Tucker, is responsible for this exhibition, as is Chris Tymoshuk _ and as the curator, Jeremy embodies a motivating story of his own beginnings in the art world... more interesting details to follow.

The emerging art collecting class of the Pacific Northwest are WELL advised to take notice of E-Dan's work. His paintings are SO relevant that it is intriguing, no one group of art collectors has begun widely collecting from his expansive oeuvre in the over thirty-five years that he has been painting! Ironically, this is because an artist is "so of his time, that he is ahead of his time..."

E-Dan Barker, will be showing his most recent direction of abstract workings. Paintings that are filled with powerfully thought-out approaches to the influences left to us by the great modern-era predecessors; work that is rife with social commentary! If thinking is what you shy away from, don't look at this powerful painter's messages. You will will not walk away from this outspoken visual conversation without some on ya!

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