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Monday, April 2, 2007

Credo 1- Human intention

Be the naked word.
Be here in the world
with sacred passion
with sacred wildness.

Be the wild naked moment
unthought, in all her innocence.

The audacity
The unabashed daring
to say I am.

Be the wildness
that runs in the woods
in the moonlight.
Be the wetness opening, the idealistic nakedness
welcoming the lover.
Be the kiss, the caress,
the murmered word,
the tasted touch.

The tongue,
the word, the naked self,
the breath and pulse
of passion.

Be the passion.
Be the tongue of flame,
taste the fires
of inspiration.
Hold the burning seed
on your silent tongue.

Taste and be.

L'orgie du printemps, oil on board

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