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Monday, May 12, 2008

3 Lovelies

Collecting women artists' works is still a little known and undiscovered corner in the art market, meaning it is (still) within a person's budget.
If you are new to the possibility, middle-class art collecting is a concept developing momentum inherent in its freedom to mine one's own personal aesthetic and connection to life, while empowering one’s curious passion for fine arts collecting on a budget!
I invite you to reap the rewards of the artist’s hard work, because I want to help you learn that when you see the right piece, you will know it and know why it is right for you!

11"x11", Summer's Bounty

Beginning with these three paintings, discover a wealth of talent and life expressed in each intimately created work of a woman artist! These paintings excite the senses, attention and one's very awareness. They are archivally created and among some of my best works to date.

14"x (just under) 20", Finlandia

*Painted in acrylic and framed in a simple 1/4" width frame, I am interested in reducing any visual conflict to an image that flows off the canvas by its own visual and energetic suggestion: that of filling up space beyond the painted surface!
Intimate in size, expressive and lovely, each one_ these paintings are available for sale in prices that can be reasonably negotiated from between $750.00 to $350.00; shipping is additional and guaranteed.
Truly timeless; these paintings are a family heirloom-in-the-making that you can thoroughly enjoy now, as well as pass from one generation to the next!

12"x12", Vous êtes la naissance

I look forward to consulting with you to develop your abilities to confidently collect original art on a budget! Amaze your own self and inspire those around you, especially in a down turned market: begin collecting with a focus on Women Artist’s work today, by clicking on the highlighted word “comment” below, to contact me.

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Jacqueline said...

I am interested in these works. How I can speak with you further about them?