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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Room of Her Own Foundation

A Room Of Her Own such an incredible commitment this non-profit has, to the works of women writers! Discovering the founding women of AROHO and their work on behalf of women writers is enlivening for me! The discovery of my own tribe; women who think and act as I do and as I would like to in the world. I have spoken this dream for twenty years to my daughter while I raised her and made my own art!
Today, I received a notification from the Associate Director, Tracey Craven-Gras that my work will indeed be hanging in the AROHO cyberspace gallery amid the company of women artists already featured there! It is my privilege to post this recognition and invite you to visit this online resource for women in the arts. Consider making a donation while you are there! (Scroll down until you see my name: Kerrie B. Wrye, under the two images of my paintings that are included in the gallery there_ thanks!) Spelling details on my name and the paintings' working titles to be added soon!

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