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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 years later!

Four years after posting my art blog, Timeless Rhythms_ my visitor count has hit 6000! Woooooo!!!!!! Hoooooo!!!!!! I am excited! It is nice to be posting one of the intelligent locations on the web that an artist can count on. Count on to find tons of reputable materials about all kinds of resources in the art world. From other artists workings, to galleries and museums world-wide; houses of good quality art and even whimsical works! Timeless Rhythms is place on the net that gives focus to the art produced by incredible women artists of all media, including my own, toot! Toot! There are artist resources including 501 c 3 sponsorship for individual artists, and all kinds of support that other communities and states arts organizations seem to continue to resist creating closer to home; resources in support of more local "revenue streams!". Fractured Atlas is an organization that will support the individual artist learning to fund your project where we each live in America! I don't reveal too many details because I want you to be intrigued by your own searches here! Discover for yourself because yes, everything about creating takes time and you are worth the time it takes!
Even with all this resource information, I am still very much feeling my way in the dark on this path as artist with life! A path that requires all of my confidence in being and doing something that I know am supposed to in this world. Contributing to the world more beautifully, that in addition to my journal entries_ speak visually to freedom, to love, to truth.
Therefore, I continue learning to open my life to this creative process, to healthy creative collaborators and patronage of my work, to new friends and loved ones, deepening my connections to those who are so much part of my life, especially my daughter_ I love you with all my heart!
Thank-you to everyone who stops in to visit this corner of my Timeless Rhythms Studio and Online Journal!! Keep coming back; leave your comments! I love knowing you are out in this river of life with me!

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