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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the ARt project! ARtechnology?! What is all this?

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une femme artiste said...

As development continues on the ARt project, it becomes an increasingly dynamic interactive potential learning tool.
What the ARt project has just launched is an already content-rich service project on the featured art collection, making it a convenient guide to looking at some of the public art at OSU.

the ARt project already facilitates truly comfortable ease in joining in the conversation on regional culture in empowered ways_ for everyone.

Leave a comment with email address that I wil not publish, to join our email-updates list, & to stay tuned in on the latest ARt project developments!. *NO spam!

AR technology is digital augments overlaid on real-world views, as seen via the camera_ & all found on your hand held device, from within the (right project-)app.

For those who attended the ARt project launch this past week-end at the 2012 da Vinci days, and are now enjoying the ARt project on your device, please be sure to make it a "favorite" in the app for ease of return! Have fun with it, and post about your early adventures here!