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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Process of Lightening Up One's Life

Spontaneity is what I feel today, I would love to find the cash to literally run off and join the circus for a year! Probably Cirque EOS in Québec_as a yoga teacher.
When I turned forty, I realized it would be really appropriate to go to comedy or clown school, to learn drop-to-your-knees-and pee-in-your-pants humor as a dominate coping tool. Ah! raucous laughter, I miss it in my life as a center stage response. Then, I also miss hanging out, and having no responsibilities, and road trips with no time frame for arriving wherever one might decide to stop after a week. (Don't worry dear, you know that you always have the choice to be there!)
Then, I think about this idea, that if I could just travel right now for a two year period, to see the world with no agenda_ listening to people, watching what they do, being engaged with them where they are, painting, doing yoga, and sharing good food with new friends along the way, and not leaving my daughter without resources, or my own ability to be where she might need me....ah-h-h, this would be a transition!
I am open to stalwart friendships to make these ideas happen. It's not a one-way street idea of transaction or connection. It is the direct, open and honest description of present need. Why do people recoil at this kind of "putting it out there?" Maybe just the wrong folks up to now, maybe it is living so many years in a small town. In addition, I know that living the idyllic life in a small town has been about preserving innocense while doing deep personal work, and that one of the consequences is , I have grown truly naïve about who is ready for my work in art, in yoga, in healthy food, and how I might get these gifts to them...anyway, must keep following my own life path, and continue taking the steps to reach out, so that I can risk all the wonderful connections that are possible! Anyone reading this 'got responses?!'

Other things that I would like to see come into form, would be a day that women in business give to women who are struggling in poverty: a day to shop for interview clothing at a consigment shop without having to pay. To receive pedicures, manicures, facials, massages, coiffeurs, and babysitting from other women, who are gainfully employed, and who feel wealthy enough in time and self, to donate to the well being, and success potential of other women, whose lives are differently fortunate. ( I do write the intention this way cognizantly, and that ain't naïve!) A day in a café in the company of other women in need, as well as, the opportunity to just interact unfettered for a brief time, with people in general. All for the sake of supporting the well being esteem of all involved in the giving and receiving, and for the residual esteem of the community hosting such supportive generosity!

Another dream I have is to start an art institution that houses ALL of the fine arts under one roof, from poetry to theatre, from set design to opera, and dance including every other visual, and performing art in between. This would be a place where not just budding artists would come to grow and develop in their chosen artform, also, middle-Americans could deepen their awareness about art, and culture in support of national identity_ a common working appreciation for what is creatively intelligent, and wonderful, and not generally noticed inside one's own country. Awareness training through art appreciation in American Art History, in order to gain an educated orientation and working comfort about the wonderful parts creatively, outspoken people passionately create, and historically have regarding being inspired, because one looks deeply at one's own country!
This institution would be replete with a fresh organic juice bar, and on-going yoga classes. Over time, it would be my personal dream that, we could be one living example of a nourishing environment that fosters healthy ways all human beings can flourish. So, that would mean no smoking, no counter-intuitive late-night partying with excessive amounts of health-robbing substances...a place to create like one's mother present to support the best possibility for the development of the creative soul. This would be de rigueur of personal discipline required.

I would also start a foundation that would award scholarships only for full-time, single mothers who want an art degree_have to be full-time, single moms with no familial support!

Additionally, I would frequently bring over artwork from France by women artists and establish a permanent cultural connection.

Le Modele déposé, après Suzanne Valadon,
colour de prisma

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