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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Call For Matronage, Patronage

As I write this morning, I bring coalescing thoughts about who I am becoming at every moment into this journal entry. The prompt really, is coming out of participation with this incredible art summit that I am late to today! The invitations in the summit to notice details, such as the nature of one's blog spot in relation to other artists', for example, is to reach a clarity today about some relevant underlying motivations to create artwork. That of not being wholly market-focused at this time. Rather, there is equal dedication to growing quality of consciousness in all that my life experiences encompass. Chiefly, how am I noticing my life in relation to others?
As a working artist, I understand with greater definition my own unique context as that of a working artist-of-life. I intentionally put intimacy forward in creatively intelligent, and expressive demeanor, because it is my dream that more people learn, in order to know how to be courageous for themselves. That people open to consciously recognizing ways that are practical and simple in possibility, to simultaneously feel safe out in the world while knowing where to find equally pragmatic experiences of nurture in healthy autonomy, that are really required in order to be full in our human experience of living one's own life! Patiently consider, the possible urgency of attention to that message.
I intuitively, intellectually, and passionately articulate knowing this awareness orientation of self, as being at the core nature of my seven year old epiphanal experiences. Consequently, the journey to know and express this quality awareness clearly, is indicative of the very nature of the art of living well, and at the heart of my work as artist-of-well being as I move further out into the world.
It is that with this entry today, I directly send out a call for matronage or patronage to rebuild and recover through execution of a painting series, yoga work, and organic cooking for deep-level health restoration, the quality of my creative fire and health in a two year transition. This particular kind of call is directed to that (those) particular individual(s) who are in a place in their financial abilities, and life that reflects a true affordability-consciousness, and who want to make a difference in such a way as I am describing. One-to-one, where the inspiration to build upliftment for the benefit of others is compelling in attraction, in trust, in belief.
I am seeking to co-create an opportunity to deftly combine disciplines to define life as a diplomat to alternative, healthy lifestyle. Pragmatic attainable balances, between the traditional intentions found in the withdrawal-from-the-world purity of the yogic masters, that combine originally with the more earthy, and equally intelligent nature of the interpretive artist, and in this case, also combine with the organizational experiences that focused single-parenting has taught and is teaching me in raising a vital human. Noting that, I did not accomplish this expression of being without her individualistic participation!
In noble humility, I make this call for reasonable financial support for two years.
Communicating how this gift of matronage, or patronage can look in ways that are mutually healthy, and respectful are prerequisite. Communication, and hence clear understanding are central to this uncommon creation of connection, and support. May this flow both ways to the best benefit of all involved directly and indirectly, checking all unconscious control agendas, on both sides, at the door. Please contact me here in response to your respectful considerations of this bold request. Thank-you.

the piano lesson, after Renoir, in his medium!

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