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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Charlie Rose Interview

As I begin to write this entry tonight, I realize there may be silly, cowardly, debatist, reactionary, niggling, backbiting, finger pointing responses that always seem willing to risk objectifying any statement that is made, concerning any call to responsibility, on the part of the voting population of this country. I am thinking of the sort of entrenched thinking that tends toward a heavily filtered, past-focused, and sometimes foolish literality in the mirror of the corporate media_ talk about doe-eyed in the headlights! In my attempts to begin engaging perspectives of active resistance to differences, I do have my own share of defensive frustration I freely admit, and...
However socially inflaming this entry may be misinterpreted, write it I will:
Senator Ted Kennedy has said in his interview with Charlie Rose tonight, that one of the most significant ways the currently oppressive administration (which is only as oppressive as we the people, have been willing to keep our collective mouths shut!), stands to be effective to challenge what is right by our troops in Iraq_ is for the American people to raise their voices, and take responsibility to be heard concerning this debacle of what steps we are to take to get our over extended, inadequately-provisioned troops OUT of Iraq. That this is THE most horrendous foreign policy mistake this country has ever made in recent history. If these sorts of statements are not a call for DEMOCRATIC self-recognition_ then, what other two-by-four wake-up call does this country require? Time's up!
Now, stand up America, and TAKE responsibility for the quality-level life we really want in this country for our entire national family!!! Stop bickering like a bunch of inbred, spoiled brats. Blue collar family histories. White collar family histories. Only cowardly immaturity finger-points back and forth, back and forth repetitiously across the isle over the most superficial of differences. Euw, you wear red! Euw, you wear blue! Grow up, and color coordinate! Difference coordinate, and pitch to your strengths FOR A CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE. Of course we believe differently, of course we see differently, of course we approach solutions differently. That is the point of this country. Duh! But who has threatened to turn it into the Divided States of America? Who is at fault? Is this the WAY to approach effective responsible change, by finding fault?? Wrong.
THE best place on the planet to grow in self-esteem, and self-confidence, to see oneself only as impeded as one believes oneself to be, or to be as capably familiar with the territory of differences in reaching consensus, that leads to collective solutions, as consciously living in the shining star to the entire rest of the world that, is called America, ONLY if this is what we believe of this country, and our privileged place living inside her borders! What! YOU didn't get the biggest, and best gift under the Christmas tree_ attitude?! Is this shaming you? If so, then perhaps a good question might be, why are you gullible to that?
Working hard for the common good in life is a process folks. Global market competition, poowee. Deal with Iraq first. Confront the elitist economic strategists in their ivory-tower stratisphere when we get the troops back on home soil. Let's mature for a change without fear for our potential successes right here where we live, and own property, and pay our taxes! Get up! get up! Dare yourself to find value in the differences around you, like you are grateful for the country in which you live, and your family has helped build, and your roots go back generations or NOT, but grateful none-the-less that you have choices to make with. Not more cash, not the most toys on some ego, rat race, death wish, not the more childish behavior, and lack of self-control, or personal discipline than our own actual children. Look at yourself, look in the mirror in your heart, and be quiet when you do. No conditions, no expectations. None! Then be very, very gentle with yourself when you begin to really see, so you can actually begin to hear the non-judgemental truth about how to proceed. Stand up in love, and take responsible action! We are all in this national mess now because we have all gotten ourselves here. So, HOW are we going to get out? That's all. Stand up now!

L'orgie du Printemps
oil on board

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