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Friday, February 23, 2007

Simmering Inspiration!!

I've just gotten off the phone with an acquaintance, after I had called him to describe a concept forming in my brain about ways of making money on localized, accessible levels. An on-going theme with me.
This concept is about looking at my local surroundings with this idea that has been buzzing in the back of my brain for many years. To figure out what is right in front of me, about the pluses in one's quality of life in small town living. It is the experience I have every time I go visiting the city, and upon leaving hit a spot on the interstate where I experience my breath opening back up in a state of relief again. It's true I love to visit the city! Yet, I love what I think is the freedom of leaving to go back home where the air opens up, because I just breath better in what I value as some measure of uninterrupted space around me. When I breath well, my mind is more calm_ this is the stuff that just makes me healthy. So why not share a portion of it?
Where I live is a verdant valley that is alive with poverty-stricken organic growers. I mean, as brutal as this contradictory statement sounds, the point of it is that many folks love doing, making, growing things that then are harvested and taken to market, but farmers have never made real money no matter what stripe of growing practices you practice! Fast forward: very old concept going to market, right? Being in the abundant market place environment on a beautiful day, and in this locale that includes those liquid-beauty days_ everything looks luscious, and the people selling, seem to be happy healthy souls, living what we urbanites may barely register consciously, but unconsciously fantasize, is the perfect life of simplicity. You know its true, especially when we have prepared their wares, and put an absolutely stunningly, deliciously fresh meal on the table, to share with our most cherished people in the world. In the back of the brain for everyone is this auto-respite that takes shape, and the dining experience we think only we have originated is most always really enjoyable. WHY? Because we know how fresh the food is, we have met the growers that day, we may have asked about growing practices, or listened to the dedicated care that is committed to growing what comes to the marketplace, and ultimately to our tables. So inside we do subconsciously know, that we are also a considerable part of this web of simple goodness_ not to mention just getting out in fresh air, and getting away from time even for a little while! Think about this now, because this is the kind of epicurean simplicity, for example, that commands high prices in the exotic and far removed venues. Simplicity, as I have learned through the practice of yoga, is the house of the profound. (More on this bit of philosophy in another journaling foray.)

Well, I have said that cooking has always been my first art, so, my idea for about thirteen years now_ hey! I have been busy raising my daughter and putting the building blocks into my foundation, alone! Besides GOOD things still take time, no matter what country one lives in.
Anyway, my idea is about ways to recreate the spa/retreat concept but on a more localized level; networking with local farmers on their land, those who have planned ahead for other venues of money-making concepts who have the facilities to rent, where then to bring our various local skills, talents, abilities in order to co-create the local week-end retreat for the weary metro-ite. I call it, 'bringing the city mice back to the humble estates of the country mice' for a week-end getaway of such experiences as good, fresh food, organic growing practices education, and practical-app, activities like yoga, shamanic astrology (such as my friendly acquaintance practices), wine tasting, massage, etc...starting to sound like the bigger far-off places that cost a lot?
Fast-forward: so who would make up this list of presenters? Local-level talents, and the local-level skilled whose names may never be top-billing because that's not their bag, but whose abilities definitely fall into the unsung heros camp. For you the possible consumer, there is the localized option of the week-end get-away that is attainable, close-by, at prices that leave the "middle-man" out! Think about the expense of working long and hard enough to save just enough for the fare, and then the hassles of today's air-travel, making phone reservations with snooties on the way other end, the fatigue on Monday morning after round-trip traveling in too short a time-frame... think about it!
This more localized getting away close-by for ordinary folks, has the built-in rewards of working hard to make contact with one's neighbors' skills. It is money in the local economy. Hey! the farmers, and local folk may come to the city more often for the wares of the city sisters and brethren mice! On the week-end metro-ites would venture to partake of the harvest brought in by the people of more local resources and skills, who are really just as good as the big top people, only much closer!!
Hey, I like this, AND I am a good cook, have taught a little yoga, and in the right setting, I know how to take your attention to the zone of inner relaxation! Need a chef-for-hire, or adjunct yogini for your local spa/retreat, organic-education, or any theme you and the land-owners agree to- event?!
This idea is copyrighted! © I just want the royalties of (hm-m-m, in?) lifelong massages, yoga classes, fresh food, and a shoppers access to what offerings are on tap in the new, & local week-end retreat zone!
Like this concept? Tell me what you think?! Let's flesh out the details, and start building the network! I know 'they'll come!'

Land of Plenty Series, oil

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