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Monday, March 3, 2008

Water-Rufus development

I consider this portrait nearly complete, even though the water in the upper left background is still not very satisfying. It is the one area that does not consistently move in the same way with the rest of the image when the eye comes to it. Given the composition, that experience is very important.
I will continue developing harmony in movement, and visual media-control until these elements take on continuity/ resolution. Then, I believe it will be a more finished-looking portrait-study.
Once that is accomplished, I move on to the next colour study: looking at the effects of light as it visually defines the coat texture of this big beautiful Labrador named, Rufus!
What continues to be obvious in my experiences drawing this lab, are physical features not quite true to Rufus' own character appearance yet. Therefore, the colour-study series is continuously folding in lots of information, familiarity, and strength as development material that I will ultimately use for a successful painting of his portrait.
On this note, I am grateful to my current client for the time this journey is allowing me. It is a re-entry to painting after a number of years being available full-time for my daughter's growing up years during her high school experiences. Nothing traumatic beyond her just needing me to be full-time present and hands on, with her.
As the timing in life is more open for me now, I am coming back to my own true medium. I have the great fortune to be working on a portrait of loyalty, comfort, and constant companionship. I am very grateful for the facilitation within the subject matter here, as my own life traverses the literal tumult of transition on all personal and professional fronts.

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