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Friday, July 4, 2008

Rufus, the final sketches- a comparative

If you have been keeping up with the process and progress of Rufus' portrait, his painting two-thirds complete_ is on-hold for now. I am so disappointed. Rightfully, albeit graciously, so is my client.
Even though the canvas as I say is two-thirds complete, and I have completed all four of the full-color drawings I knew I wanted to do in order to learn this dog, and get myself back into the habit of looking, seeing, and drawing in order to paint after nine years(!)_ it just got to be too tough to get through a creative project without my own roof over my own head! All the while attempting to keep up with a traditional job search, living in someone else's home who is unyielding and quite giving in real limitation, (yes it is a paradox!)_ think though, for the past twenty years I have been sovereign in my own queen-dom! Nonetheless, as awkward and disappointing as everything is right now, I am equally_ awkwardly grateful!
It is such a huge transition I am making in my life, and I really don't have quite the adequate resources to do it properly, to be affective economically and individually at the same time! I am pulled in too many directions where just an ounce of right resource support would make a universe of difference for the better!!
I think over and over, between meditating and looking for work I could sure do with an old-fashioned rescue: re-defined in an updated and healthy context! (i., e.; No obligations of sex for money or marriage, kind-of-fantasy_ bluntly put.) Just intelligent, human being-to-human being trust in the invested, based on my track record! Just plainly and simply, because you can and want to, and that is fulfillment enough for you.
Meanwhile, as sad as it feels not to be finishing this project and beautiful portrait, still(!) in the making, I will come back to Rufus when I am reestablished in my own place! I am a follow-through person. My client, has at least assuaged me with a good-hearted agreement to revisit this possibility, when that wonderful time comes.

As the wheel turns and I embrace the traditional job search full time again, I have also put out a new calling card/ business in art, to keep creatively active and try another approach to earning money by my trade. This approach is in a more streamlined manner, and meant to accompany the renewed full time search for the job-job_ the details of my newest hunger to be creatively fulfilled, can be found sketched out_ here. It is what I call painting the muralette: small murals, commemorating what is important in your life, for a set price! Done inside your home or office in a four-hour turn around from hire to finish! Simple, memorable, pleasurable imagery!

So come on world, be open enough! Be awake enough! Be brave enough! Allow in beauty enough to celebrate your world! Be open-minded enough! Support the artist enough!
Do you know how you got your favorite anything in your world? Design! Someone creative had to put the intelligence into making any object you may take for granted. It has to be functional for your use! That is all about design. So how valuable is the artist in community?!
Listen, most all artists do earnestly want to work for a living (doing their own work) and thereby be financially able to independently provide themselves their own place to live. How hard is that?! It's wanting a life that works, just like everyone else. Therefore, check out my new muralette idea and hire the artist! Thanks_ really!

By the way, I have posted all four of those color studies of Rufus on this blog. You can see them in the scrolling slide show at the top, or you can go back to December '07 and look over the progress posted to this blog, through the months to June '08. Again, thanks for your interest and support of goodwill at the very least! Hire the artist to assist you in beautifying your world! Celebrate! This is your life!

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