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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Latest Housing Search is Over at Last!

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music!!

I am incredibly happy about having found my own place to live yesterday!! This finally comes after two years of transition from small town living to try life in the nearest big city and on some significant fronts, failing badly in the effort!

Funny how sometimes you can leave home seeking fame and fortune in the wider world, only to return to find it was all here the whole time! I have learned a lot and I look forward to just exhaling for awhile. Then, gently putting into action what I am learning still. I know this process of re-defining my life isn't over. Just for now, it is in some revision of better planning as well as greater internal clarity, for as long as that takes!

Below are a couple of "before" pics of the inside of my new abode!

My OWN place in which to grow, to soak in what internally has been germinating as well as on hold, for a very long time. My own place from which to learn how to bring my inner purpose into clarity with greater effectiveness out in the world!! I'm 'cited with anticipation and wisdom!!

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Anonymous said...

(laughs) I know the feeling. I moved into my new place at the beginning of March. They year before I had pulled up roots and moved to another city - another job, another relationship. Seemed divinely inspired at first. But soon it became clear it was time to return. Took a few months to find the place.