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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Professionalism Mirrored Back


I am so-o-o very pleased, proud, and very excited to write and share with you all my newest, professional affiliation with a collaborative project debuting during Women's History month in Washington DC, this month!

If you click on the link "gallery," on their website you can find one of my paintings at the bottom of that page. If you scroll through the menu bar to the side of the page, click on "WAWH Biographies" and again scroll to the bottom of the page to find my very simple bio statement.

I cannot begin to tell you what this affiliation means to me!! Yet, I will start by saying that it represents my first alliance after sixteen to twenty-one years of working in isolation on the healing of my FOO needed in me; developing the creative process in tandem every step of the way. (The time difference represents my parenting and painting paths.)
A healing process that leads to one’s own ability to express a new voice of autonomous value; a voice that no one can ever take away again; a voice, an inner identity to consciously choose to pass on. A creatively intelligent voice in solidity and clarity of personal courage; becoming the embodiment of work one empowers oneself to bring into this world in order to share for the benefit for everyone attracted specifically to what I do in art, somatic psychology and alternative nutrition, for their own benefit; raising my daughter as first beneficiary. At this brief moment of transition, I consider my daughter is this fleeting vitality merging into her own sense of self.

It is my wish to open this new door to Woman Artists/ Women Healing with you, as I begin this part of my journey and professional life, in order to share what my whole life has been about with greater clarity: to come to an inner place in this world where I belong as I am_ an artist, a woman, a daughter healing family inheritance that took hold in me in the womb; an inheritance of abuse and abandonment in their universality that have always deserved an appropriate liberation process within everyone who seeks it for their own unique healing processes.

I cannot begin to put into words right now, the feelings I am still skyin' over, when I read the first email response to my contact with the Women Artists/ Women Healing facilitators! I suddenly felt my professional self mirrored back to me in very powerful feelings that continue to buoy me; my gratitude for this experience of peer recognition is boundless.

Emily, Oil, 36"x 48"


Heathaba said...

FAB-U-LOUS!! I'm so happy for you Kerrie - two posts with good news, what could be better?! Congrats, nice job. - Heather

une femme artiste said...

Thank-you Heather!
I am still resting from the move; I had a little help on either end with the heaviest stuff!
Now it is sorting, unpacking, arranging, dreaming, planning_ keeping an eye on the budget!