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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Helping a new friend Get Out The Word:

Let’s make art together…
posted: November 24th, 2010 by Luna

…while exploring our relationship with money!

I’m writing a book called Wild Money: A Right-Brained, Knock-Your-Socks-Off Approach to Loving Your Relationship with Money (working title).
After looking high and low for books on personal finance written for non-linear creative people, I finally realized I’d have to do it myself. I want to create a book filled with the artwork of “creatives” from around the world.

Want to play?

Anyone can participate. There is no prerequisite other than desire. I envision a community sharing our insights and attitudes; histories and dreams of how money has woven through our lives; tales of helping, healing, hurting, reconnecting, disconnecting, saving, destroying and otherwise wildly impacting our tender, brilliant, expressive selves.

I have a short time frame for this project, so I’ll need all artwork by Dec 15, 2010. If you are willing and able to share your art (and maybe some writing if you’re so inclined), please click here for more information.

I’ve only just begun to explore the vast communities on the web and need some help linking-in. So I’d appreciate you passing this on to as many people, lists, groups and social media feeds as possible.

Thank you in advance!

Luna Jaffe, CFP

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*This is a post to assist a new acquaintance get the word out on a project that sounds truly inspired; she has also come onto my radar via a reputable mutual acquaintance. Check out the links, roll the idea around in your head/heart & check out the details for yourself. I have already gotten on-board!

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