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Friday, August 14, 2009

An Inspired Idea


It is time for you all to be part in creating a truly momentous and inspirational piece of art that will fuse together countries, continents, races, skin colours, languages, dialects, beliefs and religions. This ground-breaking global art project is entitled WE ARE ONE,' and will involve thousands of artists who, each using their artistic individuality and talent, will unite together to produce a truly enormous, inspirational and worldwide piece of art... (a single yet collective masterpiece that bridges and bonds the world in which we all live).

''WE ARE ONE... is not about individual artists creating toward their own success or financial gain... this is purely about creating a GLOBAL CREATIVE HARMONY, and collectively producing an AMAZING HISTORIC PLANETARY WONDER''.

The concept is to prove to a wide-eyed world audience that through art, positivity and creative unity, we can all collectively illustrate a history making and inspirational message to every single person on planet Earth. It is now time to illustrate on a vast global scale that creativity is the new world brotherhood and sisterhood.

''WE ARE ONE... is when thousands of single voices speak together at one point in time to produce a truly beautiful sound of globally epic proportions, and with a GLORIOUS FUSION of WORLDWIDE CREATIVITY we will all resonate together as ONE GLOBAL SOUL''.

We are requesting that each person of any age produce one piece of art and then simply upload (*) a digital jpeg file of it to the organisers. Then, a very select creative team will assemble this truly exciting, breathtaking global and history making piece of art. It will be created in a way that each individual artwork acts as a inspirational visual building block, fusing together how great is the strength of human positivity, alongside the truly global union of art, artist and creativity.

This awe inspiring masterpiece of world art will be assembled and housed in a location of worldwide creative importance... (to be announced soon); all dates for submission of work to be announced (*).

IMPORTANT MESSAGE... everybody unite and spread these 3 simple words to the four corners of the Earth... ''WE ARE ONE''... and be part in changing art forever...!!!

Contact Info, Email: nicholasbellamyart@live.com
AND: check out THE W A O facebook link.

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