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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why I Make Art!

Art has been my lifelong companion/catalyst supporting the wellbeing of my soul; I was seven years old when this very refined alliance first occurred.
Later in my early thirties I revisited this peculiar, childhood epiphany again, to examine specifically, the relevance that art truly has in my own life. Even more specifically, what value my life has to the whole of humanity, identified as artist! And as a result of looking back, to ask what kind of artist, may have been meant in that early childhood epiphany.

With greater understanding for the value of nurturing my soul and developing my own identity through creative expression, this gifted refined ally is now a deeply integrated internal resource, out of which I can envision facilitating, creative somatic-centered healing empowerment with others, in the not-so-distant future. How did this parallel of disciplines occur, you might ask? Therein lies this solo artist's lifelong journey thus far! Do ask.

For me, the first step toward the goal of creative somatic-centered empowerment work with others, is to apply to an MFA program that fits me.
How does a somatic-centered direction of pursuit, fit into a soul's well being in art_ again, you might ask? Ah-h, put that way, things may make some sense intuitively, and therein lays this solo artist's lifelong journey thus far! Really, it’s ok! Do ask.

Keeping a steady focus on current practical steps that I see are needed, I invite you to examine the thesis project I take into the MFA environment of study. Find it posted to Fractured Atlas, under my member account/project page; Timeless Rhythms.

Can I share with you that lately, from what I read in the media, it's time for those creatives such as myself to co-lead what solutions may come from looking differently, into what is possible for our country from here.
I propose that journeying through the personal toward an inner clarity and stability, plays a creatively empowering role for individual solution-building; a creatively empowering role in overall health and well being in this life in general, and in the imminent times ahead for all. Journeying the path of personal examination, playfully experienced through creative Somatic Psychology, can be a most solid way for kinesthetic types to show up to life: with inner coping skills that are creatively developed! We all have to do some training in this life for what we are called to do, yes?! Why should appropriate self-examination at the right time in life, be any different?
Intelligently playing with the prospects of a self-commitment of this nature and magnitude, is what I am reaching to offer and facilitate with others, who resonate with an examination of the intuitive intelligence of their own physical medium, over the long-term of life!

In the interim intent-of-accomplishment of these (partnering) goals (art and somatics), I invite you to support this artist-with-life's study at this time, with a tax deductible donation to my project.

What questions do you have about the future in general? How do you see yourself getting there? Dialog with me; let's see what comes of the contact!
I invite you to stay in contact with my progress
over the duration of reaching the overall goals of combining Somatic Psychology practices with the empowering expression of art. The first personal step to getting there, is through the portal of the creative. Empower yourself; follow my progress!

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