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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Support what you like in the arts; stop being afraid of culture!

Sweating for the Arts
Adam Forest Huttler | Aug 12, 2009 11:48 am

Never let it be said that Fractured Atlas is unwilling to go the extra mile. To prove it, this September 27th we’ll be going 105.3 miles in a publicity stunt campaign to raise awareness about the importance of supporting arts and culture.

Into the Belly of the Beast

This September 27th, the Fractured Atlas staff, Board, and membership will be participating in The Belly of the Beast, a triathlon in Lebanon, NJ. We’ll be fielding a total of three teams across two events.

TEAM A will be doing the Half Ironman distance as a relay:

1.2 Mile Swim - Elizabeth Errico (my wife and the most dedicated non-employee in FA history)
56 Mile Bike - Tim Cynova, Deputy Director
13.1 Mile Run - Adam Huttler, Executive Director (that’s me!)

TEAM B isn’t really a “team” per se. It’s our fearless leader and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Joshua Lindland doing the Sprint distance as a solo effrort:

1/2 Mile Swim - Joshua Lindland, Chairman
13.9 Mile Bike - Joshua Lindland, Chairman
3.1 Mile Run - Joshua Lindland, Chairman

TEAM C will be also be doing the Sprint distance, but as a relay:

1/2 Mile Swim - Phillip Stearns, Member
13.9 Mile Bike - Juliana Steele, Program Specialist
3.1 Mile Run - Emily Watts, Program Director
You Can Make an Impact

But this isn’t really about a bunch of arts administrators making martyrs of themselves on a triathlon course. That’s just to get your attention. The truth is that you have an opportunity to ensure the continued vitality of the arts and cultural sector in America.

This art business has always been a tough racket, but today the field is threatened in some pretty scary ways. Funding for arts organizations has been decimated by the economic downturn, resulting in severe budget cuts and even the extinction of some important institutions. Meanwhile, the arts are increasingly being scapegoated in an apparent resurgence of the culture wars.

In this tough environment, artists and cultural organizations need reliable, affordable infrastructure more than ever before. That’s what you can provide. Your donation to Fractured Atlas will have a sweeping impact on the arts community. And since 96% of our spending goes directly to programs and services, you can rest assured that your money won’t be wasted.

So here’s the deal
: we’re going 105.3 tough miles for the cause. You can join in by contributing a little bit for each of those miles:

If 50 cents per mile is more than you can manage, enter whatever amount you’re comfortable with in the field above. On the other hand, if you can afford to give a little more, then this is a chance to amplify your impact.

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