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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Commissioned Artist At Last!

Tonight I received one of those calls I have dreamed about but haven't allowed myself to wait on, for a very long time now! Life inside this soul has been truly hell for the past number of years, single parenting in financial poverty to find my own way to my soul's calling, clarifying the old history without a life partner or a circle of friends because that work was too much, but had to be done in order to clarify me and step away from the dysfunctional past, and light of my life down the center of it all_ raising one incredibly wonderful human being who is now doing us both proud out in the world, a senior in college majoring in music.

With this belief and investment in my art way beyond needed dollars, I am going to breathe from here on because this is so much more than a commission. So much more. My soul is literally coming back to life! So you nay-sayers and distance keepers, just watch and listen as all of the color, light, laughter and looseness from way down deep, comes all the way back up to the surface! I welcome this flow from the universe with gratitude and all the blessings that come with this one yes shown in my direction. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! Art is my life, it is what makes me happy. It is how I can be in this world and share what is possible with everyone.

From here there will be fresh imagery as I make that progress, and a solid conversation about what making art is, from this artist's perspective and renewed experiences. Now, you really do want to stay tuned in.

I'm back! I am coming back to me! Happy, free, believed in, befriended, commissioned. Woooooo! Hooooooooooo!!!!!

Anyone else ready to call for a second commission? It'd mean me buying a camera with which to record fresh and original imagery to my art blog!! As I make it! Yeah!!!


Heathaba said...

Sincere congradulations and welcome back!!! I'm so happy for you - this entry was moving and full of bright, hot, glowing joy - a pleasure to read! Keep it coming!

une femme artiste said...

Thank-you, Heather,

You are one of my friends through thick and thin. You truly hear and see me and what I am trying to accomplish with my very life, for the benefit of all.

I love you.