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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HulaHub Launches in PDX!

In some places, Santa is early this year!!

Hula Hub Online Cultural Hub is Active...Jump in!

By Pollyanne Birge

Wed, November 18, 2009 4:14pm

"The creative community has been waiting for nearly two decades for an integrated, dynamic, online cultural calendar. We couldn't be more please that the private sector has stepped up to provide this innovative calendaring system at no cost to our region"

--Mayor Sam Adams

Now with HulaHub, Box Office Tickets Inc. (BOT) delivers a powerful social networking infrastructure that arts organizations can use to provide visitors and people in their community with a single consolidated calendar of events, profiles, reviews, ticketing and blogs.

In addition to connecting with audiences, HulaHub makes it easy for producers, artists and venues to collaborate, share services and cross-promote events. For example, producers and artists can search for venues by type of performance space, capacity, and other parameters. Artists and production personnel can post their professional profiles.

People can sign up to be on mailing lists and make donations online. Best of all, HulaHub frees cash-strapped arts organizations to spend less of their time and energy on web technologies — and more on making and promoting their art.

Watch a video from the launch party:

BOT is also launching an iPhone HulaHub application that will engage more people and make it even easier to keep up with events and arts news on the go. HulaHub on the iPhone opens new mobile/arts opportunities.

Box Office Tickets Introduces HulaHub™ Social Networking for the Arts

Free service connects people and arts organizations and creates community

Box Office Tickets Inc. announces HulaHub™, www.hulahub.com —a free social networking service for the arts that helps organizations connect and interact with audiences and others in their community to create new synergies.

"At a time when every penny counts, many arts organizations of all sizes are needlessly spending thousands of dollars on websites and online calendars that too few people know about or visit," says George Domurot, President/CEO of Box Office Tickets Inc. (BOT). "With HulaHub, we’ve created one centralized hub where people can post and find information about local shows and events, reach new audiences and join in on the conversation."

Founded more than 15 years ago as an alternative to ticketing agencies that charge exorbitant fees, BOT has leveraged the power of the Internet in a shared-services business model that enables even the smallest arts and nonprofit organizations to offer their patrons the convenience of online ticketing.

A single dynamic online space for community arts information and interactions

"HulaHub is a tremendous resource," says Jeff Hawthorne, Director Community Affairs, Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) in Portland, Oregon. "With so much event information in one centralized location, and a great interface for audiences and art lovers, HulaHub is a powerful way to increase the entire community’s participation in local arts and culture. We applaud BOT for working closely with community arts organizations to develop such a comprehensive system. HulaHub is a prominent feature on the Regional Arts and Culture Council's Website."

Creating community, promoting the local economy

HulaHub is a national web brand with a universal login that automatically connects members to their local arts community, while also enabling individuals to browse hubs in other locations, for example, to plan for a trip. There is no charge for listing events in the calendar, posting a profile, or using the blogging and social networking features of HulaHub. HulaHub connects to all types of shows and events, whether paid or free and whether ticketed through boxofficetickets.com® network, through local outlets or other ticketing services.

HulaHub works with local "presenting partners" to set up a calendar and social networking site that matches the community’s needs and share revenues. Revenue comes from feature ads in the Browse and Buy section of the website, web page sponsors, and a small service fee on tickets purchased through the boxofficetickets.com network. BOT provides all its presenting partners and sponsors with reports that track impressions, clicks, and click-thru rates. BOT also donates five cents for each ticket sold through its network back into a community fund, which, at the end of the year, is donated to a local nonprofit.

Portland Metro

Portland, Oregon’s Metro Area HulaHub is a vibrant online community that grew out of a partnership between BOT and the nonprofit Film Action Oregon (FAO) in 2008. Today, there are 100+ presenting partners invested in the Portland Metro HulaHub, with 400+ arts organizations using the calendar service at no cost. Among the features the Portland Metro HulaHub offers members are a weekly email digest, personalized to the individual’s preferences and including timely "Director’s Picks" recommendations by the artistic directors of Portland’s most prestigious culture and performing arts organizations.

"Portland is a city that embraces the arts and fosters innovation," says Portland’s mayor, Sam Adams. "With HulaHub, Portlanders now have even more ways to get involved, take advantage of all the city has to offer, and support a new service provided by a local company."

HulaHub on the iPhone

BOT is also launching an iPhone HulaHub application that will engage more people and make it even easier to keep up with events and arts news on the go. HulaHub on the iPhone opens new mobile/arts opportunities. For example, plans are underway to develop an iPhone downloadable walking tour of the public art in Portland.

About Box Office Tickets:

For more than 15 years, Box Office Tickets Inc. (www.boxofficetickets.com) has been providing ticketing solutions for the arts and entertainment industry. In 2003, the company revolutionized ticketing for small to medium size arts organizations by creating dynamic and shareable content, all at no cost to the organization. In 2009, the company launched HulaHub™ www.hulahub.com, a free social networking site for the arts to help organizations connect and interact with audiences. Box Office Tickets also offers discounts and other promotions to help create new audiences and assist organizations in filling more seats.

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