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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Est-ce que les temps présent comme la fin du siècle?

The question in the title of this entry asks, whether or not the time we are currently living can be considered as like the period of the original...?
As an artist who is logging in more hours on the internet, my observations of what other artists are doing with the technology have begun to pick up on an impressionistic similarity, correlating with that period of history that is referred to as "la fin du siècle... My comparison here, principally focused on the artists of that time_ chiefly Picasso for example's sake, whose artistic developments in a new art form called cubism were coalescing in the studio, and simultaneously in the café life of the era. Imagine what it must have been like as any artist of the day would have regularly interacted with artist-colleagues, as well as others from a variety of disciplines well into the night over cheap glasses of wine, indeed sharing in the 'ferment' of their discoveries_ remembering also that electricity was the brand new technology! Fast forward those impressions to what we might call blogging today as perhaps one very small, yet plainly mighty example in the cultural synthesis of technology emerging, and now paralleled with your understanding of the fin du siècle! Can you see?
In recognition that a twenty-first century 'feeling' for possibility is emerging rapidly, it is important then to shift one's assumptions about any frame of reference that might co-opt current orientation of a new reality, by very simply acknowledging out loud first that we are NOT, I repeat NOT then only in a fearful, overly stressed, or uncertain end-of-the world battle for good or evil_ as that sort of thinking is just antiquated! Rather we are collectively on the verge of what is new and possible on a worldwide scale that has never been experienced before, and that through the inventions, and developments of the technology, this is a new field of possibilities that humans have really been building creatively and intelligently toward, for a very long time! Thank-you, Mr. Buckley!
Even though my attempts to describe the parallel, may be awkward in the attempt to link really big ideas together from the artist's perspective, when you consider none-the-less the reference to a new 'La Fin du Siècle,' does describe these emerging times of creative-techno synthesis very accurately. To this end I say, take heart, hands, head, and DO NOT leave your body or soul behind!!!! These are new human times in the best of ways. So, inspire! Be! Contradictions abound, as one can now recognize that one truly has the time to create! Discover this! Reinvent! Learn! Grow! Produce! Define anew! As everyone's voice, views, abilities_ are truly needed now.

study after Vermeer, oil
_chosen to accompany this journal entry,
for all of its 'simplicity'


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