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Thursday, March 22, 2007

How the steps of returning to my artwork are evolving...

Working to participate in the marketplace as the artist, from intense material poverty, means that manifest objective reality just gonna take time to build. Especially when one is working twenty hours a day, on a variety of levels, to also come out of social isolation. 'Course working largely in front of a computer is hardly going to help the social evolution happen with anymore speed than work in the studio really. There's a sad oxymoron_ yet current reality requires that I set the elements of a work presence up online at the outset of changes in my life, as a full-time single mom, that at last are moving closer to actual, productive studio time again!
Call me the artist, where my interpretations about how to go about fitting together the big pieces of life have been interpreted literally for two decades now. Magical and literal thinking are not all only for childhood. At least, not the part of childhood that socialized conditioning/messages assume to project as not defining a responsible adulthood! Adulthood as we now experience reality, comes in all flavors and colors, as it has always sought to be, express, participate (now lets coordinate this parade of possibilities, adulthood, with adequate access for all)!
Without sounding idly critical, or negatively judgmental, while at the same time being able to look back at how historical human psychology has evolved_ isn't it nice to live in a human era, where we can see more clearly that historical ideas about traditional-society defined adulthood, have roots more in self-aggrandizement, and in smaller ego-centered references that have only continuously left its followers unconscious to experiencing their own life while living in it?!
The counter-revolution has served well the aspects of cultural development that today operate more in the light of day, where once these same kinds of ideas were persecuted_ killing really, good and talented people over eons of human history. Wake-up! Wake-up!
The counter-revolution has also served well, those who have lived it open-minded_ prioritizing one's health longterm, in the organic process of experimentation_ those long buried ideas on how to more consciously notice that we are alive, while alive! What's that Jefferson Starship song? "...living in books, or we can live! Live for today!"
Alert! Alert! Contrary to popular assumption, this is not an just intellectual description about living the life experience.

What has been said here then, under the title of 'my artwork evolving?'
Think of my posts as a tapestry, written in a female perspective that are without a formal beginning, middle, or end_ the work of a lifetime that on occasion reaches for long strands that alternate expression in up-close detail. For now, just as will the dates of my posts not chronologically match up with the recent images posted, yet, when one steps back over time, in those places where the mind gets quiet because the mind is thinking of everything and nothing, you will see more clearly the whole coming into focus. Remember what that is like? To watch an artist's drawing come into shape of the whole? Magic, right? It is a plastic kind of thing_ observing, creating, living. One makes a stroke on the canvas. Living, creating, observing...

What is she trying to say? Stay tuned.

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