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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Women Artists Marginalized Again in Small University Town in America

I am posting that in my local home village, where I have tried to support and promote the arts, I have been swindled! In my efforts to locally screen the movie: Who Does She Think She Is?, one local Artisans Market Boutique have partnered with the local University Women's Center to screen the film with no reason whatsoever yet who have pushed me out of the project all together.
No one even knew anything at all about this indy film here until I promoted it. As it was one of my own ads that was found by the A.M.B. on craigslist.
The film ironically is about women in the arts who choose to raise families simultaneously, and how marginalized these collective voices continue to be in the world of art and social culture. It is a poignantly painful film that opens the door of awareness on a group who need the support of community, and to have their works not just seen and heard but valued in the larger arena of the arts.
I am dumbfounded that people who just take from others this baldly are supported at all. Yet, I am afraid this habit is all too common. It's very painful to experience being targeted so others can convince themselves they are well, as they only build false stature.

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une femme artiste said...

After giving this situation lots of time and distance, I have recently discovered, by speaking directly to the appropriate parties, that many details originally written in this post are wrong, surrounding the ambitious but flawed chaos created by selfish, immature actions of the AMB. I know that the local scene will sort out the newcomers pretty quickly, and all will come out in the wash in due time.